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Guillaume, de Deguileville, active 14th century

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  • Variants

    • Deguileville, Guillaume de, active 14th century
    • Guillaume, de Deguileville, 14th cent.
    • Guillaume de Deguilleville, 14th cent.
    • Guillaume, de Deguilleville, active 14th century
    • Guillaume, de Digulleville, active 14th century
    • Guillaume, de Guileville, active 14th century
    • Guillelmo, de Guillevila, active 14th century
    • Guillermo, de Guillevila, active 14th century
    • William, of Diguilleville, active 14th century
    • Digulleville, Guillaume de, active 14th century
    • Guilleuila, Guillelmo de, active 14th century
    • Guillevila, Guillelmo de, active 14th century
    • Guilleville, Guillaume de, active 14th century
    • Gralleville, Guillermo de, active 14th century
    • Guillermus, de Guillevilla, active 14th century
    • Guillermus, de Deguilevilla, active 14th century
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        Digulleville (France)
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        French, Middle (ca. 1300-1600)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Guillaume de Deguilleville, 14th cent.
    • Guillaume, de Deguileville, 14th cent.
  • Sources

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    • found: Wikipedia, December 19, 2017(Guillaume de Deguileville (1295-before 1358); French Cistercian and writer; "the surviving manuscripts of the Pèlerinage trilogy render the author's name as "Guillaume de Deguileville", a number of other variants can be found in both medieval and modern sources": Guillaume de Deguilleville, Guillaume de Digulleville, Guillaume de Guileville, Guillaume de Guilleville; Latin version of the name is Guillermus de Deguilevilla)
    • found: Hasenohr, Geneviève. "Guillaume de Digulleville," in Dictionnaire des lettres françaises: le Moyen Âge, édition entièrement revue et mise à jour, 1994, pages 614-617:page 614 (born 1295 at Digulleville; approximately 1316, entered Cistercian abbey of Chaalis, where he wrote all his works, 1330-1358)
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    • PQ1483.G3-PQ1483.G4
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