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Notker, Balbulus, approximately 840-912

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  • Variants

    • Babulas, Notker, approximately 840-912
    • Balbulus, Notker, approximately 840-912
    • Notger, Balbulus, approximately 840-912
    • Notger, der Stammler, approximately 840-912
    • Notker Balbulus, 840 (ca.)-912
    • Notker, Balbulus, ca. 840-912
    • Notker, der Stammler, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, the Stammerer, approximately 840-912
    • Monachus Sangallensis, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, of Saint Gall, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, of St. Gall, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, von Sankt Gallen, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, the Poet, approximately 840-912
    • Notcerus, Balbulus, approximately 840-912
    • Notkerus, Balbulus, approximately 840-912
    • Notker, de San Gall, approximately 840-912
    • Monk of Saint Gall, approximately 840-912
    • Monk of St. Gall, approximately 840-912
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 0840~
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 0912-04-06
    • Has Affiliation

    • Has Affiliation

    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        the Stammerer
    • Descriptor

        of Saint Gall
    • Descriptor

        der Stammler
    • Descriptor

    • Birth Place

        Elgg (Switzerland)
    • Death Place

        Saint Gall (Switzerland)
    • Associated Locale

    • Associated Locale

        Saint Gall (Switzerland)
    • Birth Place

        Jonschwil (Switzerland)
    • Associated Locale

        (tgn) Carolingian Empire
    • Associated Locale

        Kingdom of the East Franks
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Notker Balbulus, 840 (ca.)-912
    • Notker, Balbulus, ca. 840-912
  • Sources

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    • found: Encyc. Amer., 1975(Notker (called Balbulus, the Stammerer), Swiss monk; b. Switz. about 840; d. St. Gall 4/6/912)
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    • found: Wikipedia, 28 October 2016(Notker the Stammerer; Notcerus Balbulus; Notker I, Notker the Poet or Notker of Saint Gall; Monk of Saint Gall; Monachus Sangallensis; c. 840-6 April 912 AD; musician, author, poet, and Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Saint Gall in modern Switzerland)
    • found: Stoclet, Alain J. From Baghdād to Beowulf, 2005:page 151 (Notker of St Gall) page 155 (Notker the Stammerer of St Gall; "Gesta Karoli" Notkers von Sankt Gallen, between 883 and 887; author directly addresses his patron, Charles III, the Fat, the current emperor (881-887))
    • found: Early lives of Charlemagne, 1922, viewed online 19 March 2020:title page (the Monk of Saint Gall) page xv (the Monk of Saint Gall must remain anonymous, because the attempt to identify him with Notker rests only on the supposition that both stammered; but in the sentence where the Monk describes himself as a stammerer, the author is writing, not speaking; the words are a piece of conventional, metaphorical depreciation)
    • found: Wikipedia, 20 March 2020(Notker the Stammerer (Latin Notcerus Balbulus, c. 840-6 April 912 AD)); he is commonly accepted to be the "Monk of Saint Gall" (Monachus Sangallensis; name given by modern scholars) who wrote Gesta Karoli; born: Heligau or Jonschwil; would seem to have been born at Jonschwil, in what would become (in 1803) canton of Saint Gall in Switzerland; some sources claim Elgg to be place of birth; studied with Tuotilo at Saint Gall's monastic school, taught by Iso of St. Gallen and Irishman Moengall; became monk there; mentioned as librarian in 890 and as master of guests in 892-894; chiefly active as teacher; poet and author: completed Erchanbert's chronicle, arranged a martyrology, composed metrical biography of Saint Gall, and authored other works; formerly considered inventor of the sequence (religious lyric), but now considered doubtful; did introduce the genre into Germany; beatified in 1512; Monk of Saint Gall: known native German-speaker, deriving from Thurgau, close to where Notker is believed to have derived from; Louis Halphen ("Le moine de Saint-Gall," in his Études critiques sur l'histoire de Charlemagne, 1921, ch. 4:139-42) has delineated points of similarity: the Monk claims to be old, toothless and stammerering; and both share similar interests in church music, write with similar idioms, and are fond of quoting Virgil)
    • found: Wikidata, 19 March 2020(Notker the Stammerer (Q354813); also known as: Notker I, Notker of Saint Gall, Notker the Poet; Spanish: Notker Bálbulus, Balbulus Notker, Notkerus Balbulus, Notker de San Gall; description: Benedictine monk and musician; sex or gender: male; date of birth: 840 circa; place of birth: Elgg; date of death: 6 April 912; place of death: St. Gallen; languages spoken, written, or signed: Latin; occupations: poet, composer, musicologist, historian, writer; religious order: Benedictines; canonization status: blessed) -
  • LC Classification

    • PA8395.N6
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    • 1980-09-30: new
    • 2021-02-18: revised
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