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    • Commonwealth of Dominica
    • French Dominica
    • Waiʻtu kubuli
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    • Descriptor

        Independent political entity
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Countries (sovereign states)
    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        (aat) Nations
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) Nation
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) National state
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Island nations
    • Descriptor

        (eurovocen) State
    • Descriptor

        (stw) State
    • Descriptor

        Developing island countries
    • Associated Locale

        Caribbean Area
    • Associated Locale

        West Indies
    • Associated Locale

        Antilles, Lesser
    • Associated Locale

        Windward Islands (West Indies)
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  • Sources

    • found: National accounts ... 1978-1991:t.p. (Commonwealth of Dominica)
    • found: Statesman's year-book, 1989-1990:(Became an independent republic as the Commonwealth of Dominica on 3 Nov. 1978)
    • found: Wikipedia, Dec. 30, 2005Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica, popularly known as Dominica; sometimes called "French Dominica"; pre-Columbian name is Wai'tu kubuli; France formally ceded possession of Dominica to Britain in 1763. Britain then set up a government and made the island a colony in 1805; in 1896 Britain re-took governmental control of Dominica and turned it into a crown colony. Half a century later, from 1958 to 1962, Dominica became a province of the short-lived West Indies Federation. In 1978 Dominica finally became an independent nation) Windward Islands (Windward Islands name was also used to refer to a British colony, existing between 1833 and 1960 and consisting of the islands of Grenada, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Barbados (to 1885, when it became a separate colony), Tobago (to 1889 when it was joined to Trinidad), and Dominica (from 1940, when it was transferred from the Leeward Islands colony to the Windward Islands)) West Indies Federation (Windward Islands Colony, 1833-1958; broke up in 1958 when each island chose to join the new Federation of the West Indies as a separate unit)
    • found: Flags of the world website, Dec. 30, 2005(The islands included in the British colony of the Windward Islands ... when established in 1834 it consisted of Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Tobago. St. Lucia was added in 1838, Barbados was detached in 1885, Tobago was detached in 1889 and Dominica was added in 1940)
    • found: The world factbook, via WWW, July 1, 2019(Dominica. Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. Geographic coordinates: 15 25 N, 61 20 W. Conventional long form: Commonwealth of Dominica. Conventional short form: Dominica. Government type: parliamentary republic)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 1, 2019(Dominica (Island Carib: Waiʻtu kubuli), officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island country in the West Indies; part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea; 15°25ʹN 61°20ʹW)
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