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    • a-vt---
  • Variants

    • Betʻŭnam
    • Biet Nam
    • Bietnam
    • Biyetnan
    • Chính phủ nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam
    • Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam
    • Fītnām
    • Fīyatnām
    • Fiyitnām
    • I︠U︡zhnyĭ Vʹetnam
    • National Republic of Vietnam
    • Nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam
    • Petʻŭnam
    • Republica Socialista de Vietnam
    • Rèpublica socialista du Viêt Nam
    • République socialiste du Vietnam
    • RSV
    • RSVN
    • S.R.V.
    • Satsyi︠a︡listychnai︠a︡ Rėspublika V'etnam
    • Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
    • Socialist Republic of Vietnam
    • Sosialistiese Republiek Viëtnam
    • Sot︠s︡ialisticheska republika Vietnam
    • Sot︠s︡ialisticheskai︠a︡ Respublika Vʹetnam
    • SRV
    • SRVN
    • Vʹet-Nam
    • Vʹetnam
    • Viet-Nam
    • Vijetnam
    • Vītnām
    • Vīyitnām
    • Vjetnamio
    • Vyetnam
    • Vyetnam Sosialist Respublikası
    • Wietnam
    • Yüeh-nan
    • Сацыялістычная Рэспубліка В'етнам
    • Социалистическа република Виетнам
    • Виетнам
    • В'етнам
    • فيتنام
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        Countries (sovereign states)
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        National state
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        Southeast Asia
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        French-speaking countries
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        Communist countries
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                  • Sources

                    • found: Rasprostranenie marksizma-leninizma vo Vʹetname, 1983:t.p., etc. (SRV; Sot︠s︡ialisticheskoĭ Respubliki Vʹetnam)
                    • found: His Petʻŭnam sa, 1984:t.p. (Petʻŭnam; variant: Betʻŭnam)
                    • found: Amnesty Intern'l. Report of an Amnesty Intern'l mission to the ... 1981:t.p. (Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)
                    • found: Mục lục Công báo, 1981:t.p. (Nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam); 1982: t.p. (Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam)
                    • found: Enc. Brit., 15th ed.(Indochina; name given to area consisting of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; French first considered it as an entity and ruled it from mid-19th to mid-20th cent. After World War II the French founded the Indochinese Federation. In 1949-50 the French ratified separate treaties that recognized Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia as independent states)
                    • found: Burchett, W.G. Voĭna v dzhungli︠a︡kh I︠U︡zhnogo Vʹetnama, 1965.
                    • found: Enc. Brit., 15th ed.(The Geneva Accord of 1954 ... provided for the temporary military partition of Vietnam at the 17th parallel. The two political entities that emerged were the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, better known as North Vietnam and the Republic of Vietnam, usually referred as South Vietnam)
                    • found: La Tradicia Vjetnamio, 1970.
                    • found: Hope and vanquished reality, c2001:p. 26 (Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam which means the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV or SRVN) or République socialiste du Vietnam (RSV or RSVN))
                    • found: Sỏ̂ tay công tác chính phủ, 2005:t.p. (Chính phủ nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam)
                    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(pcl; 16°10ʹ00ʺN 107°49ʹ60ʺE) via WWW, June 10, 2020 (Socialist Republic of Vietnam; 16.16667°, 107.83333°; N 16°10ʹ00ʺ E 107°50ʹ00ʺ)
                    • found: Wikipedia, May 7, 2011(Vietnam, Vietnamese: Việt Nam; officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Viêt Nam) Afrikaans page (Viëtnam; Sosialistiese Republiek Viëtnam) Arabic page (فيتنام = Fiyitnām, Fītnām, Fīyatnām, Vītnām, Fiyatnām, Vīyitnām) Aragonese (Vietnam; Republica Socialista de Vietnam) Franco-Provençal/Arpitan (Viêt Nam; Rèpublica socialista du Viêt Nam) Azerbaijani page (Vyetnam; Vyetnam Sosialist Respublikası) Belarusian page (В'етнам = V'etnam; Сацыялістычная Рэспубліка В'етнам = Satsyi︠a︡listychnai︠a︡ Rėspublika V'etnam) Central Bicolano page (Bietnam) Bosnian page (Vijetnam) Bulgarian page (Виетнам = Vietnam; Социалистическа република Виетнам = Sot︠s︡ialisticheska republika Vietnam)
                    • found: Collier's enc., 1973(French Indochina)
                    • found: UNESCO thesaurus, via WWW, June 10, 2020(Viet Nam. BT ASEAN countries; CMEA countries; French speaking countries; Indochina; South East Asia) -
                    • found: Wikipedia, June 10, 2020(Vietnam (Vietnamese: Việt Nam), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam), is the easternmost country on the Southeast Asian Indochinese Peninsula; Modern Vietnam was born upon the Proclamation of Independence from France in 1945. Following Vietnamese victory against the French in the First Indochina War, which ended in 1954, the nation was divided into two rival states: communist North and anti-communist South; After North and South Vietnam were reunified as a communist state under a unitary socialist government in 1976, the country became economically and politically isolated until 1986, when the Communist Party initiated a series of economic and political reforms that facilitated Vietnamese integration into world politics and the global economy)
                    • found: The fall of South Vietnam, via Britannica online, October 8, 2020(On April 30 [1975] what remained of the South Vietnamese government surrendered unconditionally; on July 2, 1976, the country was officially united as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with its capital in Hanoi)
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