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Korea (South)

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    • a-ko---
  • Variants

    • United States. Army. Military Government in Korea
    • United States Army Military Government in Korea
    • Taehan Minʼguk
    • Han guo
    • Dae Han Min Kuk
    • Tae Han Min Guk
    • Daehan-Minʼguk
    • South Korea
    • Tai Han Min Kook
    • South Korean Interim Government
    • S.K.I.G.
    • SKIG
    • Nam Chosŏn Kwado Chŏngbu
    • Namjosŏn
    • Namjosŏn Kwado Chŏngbu
    • Republic of Korea
    • Da Han Minguo
    • Daehan Min-kuk
    • Daikan Minkoku
    • Ȯmnȯd Solongos
    • Emu̇nedu̇ Solungus
    • Solongos (South)
    • Solungus (South)
    • Bu̇gd Naĭramdakh Solongos Uls
    • Bu̇gu̇de Nayiramdaqu Solungus Ulus
    • I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Korei︠a︡
    • Южная Корея
    • Korei︠a︡ (South)
    • Корея (South)
    • ROK
    • 대한민국
    • 大韓民國
    • 大韓 民國
    • 대한 민국
    • BNSU
    • БНСУ
    • Daehanminguk
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        Countries (sovereign states)
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        Far East
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  • Sources

    • found: Politika SShA v stranakh Dalʹnego Vostoka, 1964:t.p. (Южная Корея = I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Korei︠a︡)
    • found: Saemaul in new age, 1982:t.p. (Republic of Korea)
    • found: Korea (Territory under U.S. occupation, 1945-1948). Chae Chosŏn Miguk Yukkun Saryŏngbu Kunjŏngchʻŏng pŏmnyŏngjip. Yŏngmunpʻan, 1984:p. 355, etc. (USAMGIK Ordinance no. 141, 5-17-47, designated Korean elements of the U.S. Army Military Govt. in Korea, including legislative, executive and judicial branches, to be the South Korean Interim Government; USAMGIK continued to issue orders and directives from executive departments, bureaus and boards after that date)
    • found: Korea (Territory under U.S. occupation, 1945-1948). Chae Chosŏn Miguk Yukkun Saryŏngbu Kunjŏngchʻŏng pŏmnyŏngjip. Kungmunpʻan, 1984:p. 387 (USAMGIK Ord. no. 141 designates Nam Chosŏn Kwado Chŏngbu)
    • found: Korea (South Korean Interim Government, 1947-1948). National Economic Board. South Korean Interim Government activities, 1947:p. 111 (the Interim Government is actually the operating authority in South Korea, subject only to those controls which are necessary for the protection of purely American interests)
    • found: Ko hai hsiang wang ti chin lin--Han-kuo, 1994:p. 1 (Ta Han min kuo)
    • found: The statesman's year-book, 1995-1996:p. 840 (Korea; Daehan Min-kuk (Republic of Korea))
    • found: Daikan Minkoku Kenpō, 2003.
    • found: Wikipedia, July 14, 2008(South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (or ROK) and often referred to as Korea (Korean: 대한민국 = Taehan Minʼguk, Hanja: 大韓民國); Daehanminguk)
    • found: Rossii︠a︡ i Korei︠a︡, 2021:title page (Корея = Korei︠a︡)
    • found: Mongol khėlniĭ khėlt︠s︡iĭn utga, khėrėglėė, 2019:page 7 (БНСУ = BNSU [Bu̇gd Naĭramdakh Solongos Uls])
    • found: Wikipedia, Mongolian site, viewed 2023-02-07(Ȯmnȯd Solongos ; Bu̇gd Naĭramdakh Solongos Uls (БНСУ = BNSU) [in Cyrillic]; Bu̇gu̇de Nayiramdaqu Solungus Ulus [in Mongolian script]; 대한민국 = Taehan Min'guk)
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    • [Includes the old catalog headings: Korea (Territory under U.S. occupation, 1945-1948); Korea (South Korean Interim Government, 1947-1948); Korea (Republic)]
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