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Simonov, Konstantin, 1915-1979

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  • Variants

    • Simōnōpha, Kōṃstāntina, 1915-1979
    • Simonov, Constantine, 1915-1979
    • Simonov, K., 1915-1979
    • Simonov, K. M. (Konstantin Mikhaĭlovich), 1915-1979
    • Simonov, Kirill Mikhaĭlovich, 1915-1979
    • Simonov, Konstantin Mikhaĭlovich, 1915-1979
    • Simonow, Konstantin, 1915-1979
    • Simonow, Konstanty, 1915-1979
    • Ximengnuofu, 1915-1979
    • Ximengnuofu, Kang Mi, 1915-1979
    • Симонов, Константин, 1915-1979
    • סינומוב, ק., 1915-1979
    • סימונוב, קונסטאנטין, 1915-1979
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1915-11-15
    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1915-11-28
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1979-08-28
    • Birth Place

        Saint Petersburg (Russia)
    • Death Place

        Moscow (Russia)
    • Associated Locale

        Soviet Union
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        • Earlier Established Forms

          • Simonov, Konstantin Mikhaĭlovich, 1915-1979
        • Sources

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          • found: Wikidata, April 15, 2022(Commons category: Konstantin Simonov; place of death: Moscow; country of citizenship: Soviet Union; date of birth: +1915-11-15T00:00:00Z, +1915-11-28T00:00:00Z; date of death: +1979-08-28T00:00:00Z, +1979-08-19T00:00:00Z; instance of: human; place of birth: Saint Petersburg; award received: Stalin Prize, Medal \, Order of the Red Banner, Order of Lenin, Hero of Socialist Labour, Order of the Patriotic War 1st class, Lenin Prize, Order of the Badge of Honour, Medal \, Medal \, Medal \, Medal \, Medal \, Medal \, Vasilyev Brothers State Prize of the RSFSR, Jubilee Medal \, Jubilee Medal \, Jubilee Medal \, Jubilee Medal \, Jubilee Medal \, Medal \, Order of the White Lion, Czechoslovak War Cross 1939-1945, Order of Sukhbaatar, Order of the Patriotic War; member of: USSR Union of Writers; occupation: journalist, poet, translator, playwright, screenwriter, writer, prosaist, politician, war correspondent; given name: Konstantin; topic's main category: Category:Konstantin Simonov; member of political party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union; educated at: Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, Institute for Philosophie, Literature and History in Moscow, V. I. Lenin Military-Political Academy; spouse: Natalia Sokolova, Valentina Serova, Larisa Zhadova; described by source: Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1969-1978), Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia, Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1926-1947), Obalky; position held: member of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union; genre: novel, short novel, narrative poetry, verse, play, sketch story, poem; movement: socialist realism; field of work: writer; conflict: Battles of Khalkhin Gol, Eastern Front; surname: Simonov; languages spoken or published: Russian; work period (start): +1936-00-00T00:00:00Z; allegiance: Soviet Union; writing language: Russian; work period (end): +1979-00-00T00:00:00Z; sex or gender: male; alias: Constantin Mihailovici Simonov, Kirill M. Simonov, Kirill Michajlovič Simonov, Konstantin , Konstantin M. Simonov, Konstantin Michailowitsch Simonow, Konstantin Mihajlovic Simonov, Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov, Konstantin Simonof, Konstantin Simonov, Konstantin Simonow, Konsztantyin Szimonov, Simonov, Симонов, Симонов К., Симонов К. М., Симонов Константин, Симонов Константин Михайлович, Симонов Кирилл Михайлович, К. Симонов, Канстанцін Сіманаў, Константин Симонов, Константина Симонова, Кирилл Симонов, Кирилл Михайлович Симонов, 西蒙诺夫; description/label: Constantin Simonov, Constantinus Simonov, écrivain russe, Konstantin Michajlovič Simonov, Konstantine Simonov, Konstantīns Simonovs, Konsztantyin Mihajlovics Szimonov, neuvostoliittolainen kirjailija, novelë, Russisch journalist , scrittore e politico russo, Simonov Konstantin Mixaylovich, Soviet writer, sovjetisk författare, Sovyet yazar, Sowjetischer Schriftsteller, szovjet író, советский писатель, Симонов Костянтин Михайлович, Канстанцін Міхайлавіч Сіманаў, Константин , Константин Михайлович Симоновקונסטנטין סימונוב, كاتب سوفيتي, كاتب ، شاعر، سيناريست, قسطنطين سيمونوف, , コンスタンチン・シモノフ, 康斯坦丁*西蒙諾夫, 康斯坦丁*西蒙诺夫, 콘스탄틴 시모노프; abART person ID: 32582; ADK member ID: 50258; Babelio author ID: 65238; Bait La Zemer Ha-Ivri artist ID: 901470359; BAV (Vatican Library: identifier) ADV12635427; BHCL UUID: 422fbe2a-8679-4403-abbe-32c3d53ea788; Biblioteca Franco Serantini ID: 13479; BIBSYS identifier: 90096808; ID: simonov-konstantin-kirill-mikhajlovich; BNE identifier: XX846808; BnF identifier: 12567456z; Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online ID: simonow-konstantin-kirill-michailowitsch; Cinémathèque québécoise person ID: 133037; CONOR.BG ID: 48287845; CONOR identifier: 7103331; CONOR.SR ID: 17495911; ČSFD person ID: 139776; Cyprus University of Technology ID: 84495; DBNL ID: simo085; Den Store Danske ID: Konstantin_Simonov; Deutsche Biographie ID: 118614533; EGAXA identifier: vtls001589796; Encyclopædia Universalis ID: constantin-mikhailovitch-simonov; Europeana entity: agent/base/72121; FAST-ID: 1802666; Find a Grave ID: 122142528; Freebase identifier: /m/05q2ns; GND identifier: 118614533; Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID: 0062826; Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID: 3663072; Hrvatska enciklopedija ID: 56043; IMDb identifier: nm0800659; Internet Broadway Database person ID: 7105; IPI Code: 00077990128; Kallías ID: PE00099497; KANTO ID: 000200981; Krugosvet article: kultura_i_obrazovanie/literatura/SIMONOV_KONSTANTIN_KIRILL_MIHALOVICH.html; LCAuth identifier: n80022857; Les Archives du Spectacle Person ID: 291471; Libris-URI: gdsvwrb05vlr3lg; LIMIS person ID: 18393436; LyricsTranslate ID: konstantin-mikhailovich-simonov-lyrics.html; Munzinger IBA: 00000001012; National Library of Korea ID: KAC201770685; NDL identifier: 00526215; ID: konstantin-simonov; NKC identifier: jn19990210565; NLP identifier: A11803617; NTA identifier (Netherlands: ) 069065160; NUKAT authorities: n98023608; Online PWN Encyclopedia ID: 3975368; Open Library identifier: OL126173A; People Australia identifier: 975846; PLWABN ID: 9810533642405606; Poetry Foundation ID: konstantin-simonov; Prabook ID: 3737009; PTBNP identifier: 75058; Runeberg author ID: simonkoo; SELIBR: 210000; SHARE Catalogue author ID: 466894; SNAC Ark ID: w6jh41bc; SNK ID: 170931, 170932; Store norske leksikon ID: Konstantin_Simonov; SUDOC authorities: 034981454; Theatricalia person ID: rsa; TMDb person ID: 142507; Union Catalog of Armenian Libraries authority ID: 30135; Vatican Library VcBA ID: 495/336077; Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija ID: konstantin-simonov; ID: 9178; WorldCat Identities ID: lccn-n80022857) -
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          • PG3476.S53
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