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Juneau (Alaska)

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  • Variants

    • Juneau, Alaska
    • City and Borough of Juneau (Alaska)
    • City/Borough of Juneau (Alaska)
    • CBJ (Alaska)
    • Fliptown (Alaska)
    • Harrisburg (Alaska)
    • Juneau City (Alaska)
    • Juneau Wharf (Alaska)
    • Pilzburg (Alaska)
    • Rockwell (Alaska)
    • City of Juneau (Alaska)
    • Dzánti K'ihéeni (Alaska)
    • Juno (Alaska)
    • Горад Джуна (Alaska)
    • Horad Dz︠h︡una (Alaska)
    • Джуна (Alaska)
    • Dz︠h︡una (Alaska)
    • Джуно (Alaska)
    • Dzhuno (Alaska)
    • Τζούνο (Alaska)
    • Tzouno (Alaska)
    • 주노 (Alaska)
    • ג'ונו (Alaska)
    • G'uno (Alaska)
    • Iunellum (Alaska)
    • Džūno (Alaska)
    • Džunas (Alaska)
    • Џуно (Alaska)
    • ジュノー (Alaska)
    • Džuns (Alaska)
    • 朱諾 (Alaska)
    • Zhunuo (Alaska)
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        Cities and towns
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        Capitals (Cities)
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        United States
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Juneau, Alaska
  • Sources

    • found: GNIS, May 9, 2008(Juneau, pop. place, Alaska, county: Juneau, variant names: Fliptown; Harrisburg; Juneau City; Juneau Wharf; Pilzburg; Rockwell; former incorporated City of Douglas merged with Juneau in July 1970)
    • found: City and Borough of Juneau homepage, May 9, 2008(Juneau Alaska; City and Borough of Juneau Alaska; City/Borough of Juneau; CBJ) HTML header (City and Borough of Juneau)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 9, 2008(Juneau, Alaska; the City and Borough of Juneau is a unified municipality; the municipality unified in 1970 when the City of Juneau merged with the City of Douglas and the surrounding borough to form the current home rule municipality)
    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(ppl; 58°18ʹ07ʺN 134°25ʹ11ʺW;)
    • found: Wikipedia, June 29, 2014(Juneau, Alaska; City and Borough of Juneau (Tlingit: Dzánti K'ihéeni); capital city of Alaska) Azerbaijani page (Juno [in roman]) Belarusian page (Горад Джуна = Horad Dz︠h︡una; Джуна = Dz︠h︡una) Bulgarian page (Джуно = Dzhuno) Greek page (Τζούνο = Tzouno) Korean page (주노 = Juno) Ossetic page (Джуно = Dzhuno) Hebrew page (ג'ונו = G'uno) Latin page (Iunellum) Latvian page (Džūno) Lithuanian page (Džunas) Macedonian page (Џуно = Džuno) Japanese page (ジュノー = Junō) Samogitian page (Džuns) Chinese page (朱諾 = Zhunuo)
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