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  • Codes

    • e-gi---
  • Variants

    • Adrar n Ṭariq
    • Cäbäli-Tariq
    • Cäbällütariq
    • Calpis
    • Cebelitarık
    • Chibraltar
    • Cîbraltar
    • Dgibrâltar
    • Djibraltar
    • Gibartar
    • Gibbilterra
    • Gibiltæra
    • Gibiltera
    • Gibilterra
    • Gibraaltar
    • Gibralta Balḣsn
    • Gibraltaras
    • Ĝibraltaro
    • Gibraltārs
    • Giburalitari
    • Giobraltair
    • Giobráltar
    • Givraltar
    • Gjibraltari
    • Hibraltar
    • Jabal Ṭāriq
    • Jibraltaar
    • Jibraltar
    • Jibrulta
    • Jiburarutaru
    • Kāmaka
    • Xibraltar
    • Zhibuluotuo
    • Γιβραλτάρ
    • Гибралта Балhсн
    • Гибралтар
    • Гібралтар
    • חיברלטר
    • גיבראלטאר
    • גיברלטר
    • جبل طارق
    • ジブラルタル
    • 直布罗陀
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    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        Great Britain--Territories and possessions
    • Descriptor

        British overseas territories
    • Descriptor

        Overseas territories
    • Descriptor

        Dependent state
    • Associated Locale

        Great Britain
    • Associated Locale

    • Associated Locale

        Europe, Western
    • Associated Locale

        Europe, Southern
    • Associated Locale

        Mediterranean Region
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            • Sources

              • found: Istoria della città di Gibilterra in Spagna, 1781:t.p. (Gibilterra in Spagna) p. 3 (Gibilterra è città della Spagna nella Provincia di Andalusìa sulla costa settentrionale dello stretto a cui dà il nome)
              • found: Columbia Lippincott gaz.(Gibraltar; Spanish: Jibraltar; ancient name: Calpe; British crown colony at southern tip of Spain; under English control since 1704; officially transferred to Gt. Brit. in 1713 by Treaty of Utrecht; has been periodically subject to unsuccessful siege by Spanish and French, notably the "Great Siege" by Spain from 9-13-1779 to 3-12-1783)
              • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(unknown; 36⁰08ʹ00ʺN 005⁰21ʹ00ʺW)
              • found: The world factbook, via WWW, August 27, 2015(Gibraltar; location: Southwestern Europe, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar, which links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southern coast of Spain; 36°08ʹN, 5°21ʹW; conventional long form: none; conventional short form: Gibraltar; self-governing overseas territory of the UK; ceded to Great Britain by Spain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht; the British garrison was formally declared a colony in 1830; granted autonomy in 1969) -
              • found: Wikipedia, August 27, 2015(Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula; the territory was ceded to Britain "in perpetuity" under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713; 36.143⁰N 5.353⁰W) Old English page (Calpis) Arabic page (جبل طارق = Jabal Ṭāriq) Aragonese page (Chibraltar) Asturian page (Xibraltar) Azerbaijani page (Cäbällütariq [in roman]; Cäbäli-Tariq [in roman]) Bashkir page (Гибралтар = Gibraltar) Belarusian page (Гібралтар = Hibraltar) Bulgarian page (Гибралтар = Gibraltar) Breton page (Jibraltar) Greek page (Γιβραλτάρ = Givraltar) Esperanto page (Ĝibraltaro) Irish page (Giobráltar) Manx page (Gibraaltar) Scottish Gaelic page (Giobraltair) Kalmyk page (Гибралта Балhсн = Gibralta Balḣsn) Italian page (Gibilterra) Hebrew page (גיברלטר = Gibralṭar) Cornish page (Jibraltar) Kinyarwanda page (Giburalitari) Kurdish page (Cîbraltar [in roman]) Ladino page (חיברלטר = Ḥibralṭar) Latvian page (Gibraltārs) Lithuanian page (Gibraltaras) Ligurian page (Gibiltæra) Lombard page (Gibiltera) Maori page (Kāmaka) Japanese page (ジブラルタル = Jiburarutaru) Norfuk/Pitkern page (Jibrulta) Nouormand page (Dgibrâltar) Occitan page (Gibartar) Albanian page (Gjibraltari) Sicilian page (Gibbilterra) Somali page (Jibraltaar [in roman]) Kabyle page (Adrar n Ṭariq [in roman]) Turkish page (Cebelitarık) Ukrainian page (Гібралтар = Hibraltar) Venetian page (Gibiltera) Walloon page (Djibraltar) Wolof page (Jibraltaar) Yiddish page (גיבראלטאר = Gibralṭar) Chinese page (直布罗陀 = Zhibuluotuo)
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