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Losskiĭ, N. O. (Nikolaĭ Onufrievich), 1870-1965

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  • Fuller Name

    • Nikolaĭ Onufrievich
  • Variants

    • Łosski, Mikołaj, 1870-1965
    • Losskiĭ, Nikolaĭ Onufrievich, 1870-1965
    • Losskij, N., 1870-1965
    • Lossky, N. O., 1870-1965
    • Lossky, Nicolai, 1870-1965
    • Lossky, Nicolas, 1870-1965
    • Lossky, Nicolas O., 1870-1965
    • Лосский, Н. О. (Николай Онуфриевич), 1870-1965
    • Лосский, Николай Онуфриевич, 1870-1965
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    • Birth Place

        Krāslava (Latvia)
    • Associated Locale

        Paris (France)
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        Soviet Union
    • Associated Locale

        Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne, France)
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        • Earlier Established Forms

          • Losskiĭ, Nikolaĭ Onufrievich, 1870-1965
        • Sources

          • found: Comte, A. Sot︠s︡īologīi︠a︡ Konta v izlozhenīi Rigolazha, 1898.
          • found: Bibliographie des œuvres de Nicolas Lossky, 1978:t.p. (Nicolas Lossky)
          • found: History of Russian philosophy, 1969, c1951:cover (Nicholas O. Lossky)
          • found: Intuicja i rzeczywistość, 1996:t.p. (... Mikołaja Łosskiego) p. 170 (Nicolai Lossky)
          • found: Wikidata, January 19, 2023(place of death: Paris; place of birth: Krāslava; location of burial: Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Russian Cemetery; instance of: human; date of birth: +1870-11-24T00:00:00Z, +1870-12-06T00:00:00Z, +1870-12-07T00:00:00Z; date of death: +1965-01-24T00:00:00Z; given name: Nicolas; occupation: philosopher, university teacher; described by source: Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1969-1978), Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, Small Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary; Commons category: Nikolay Lossky; country of citizenship: Russian Empire, Soviet Union; child: Vladimir Lossky; field of work: philosophy; educated at: Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Saint Petersburg University, gymnase de Vitebsk, institut d'histoire et de philologie de Saint-Pétersbourg; surname: Lossky; employer: Bestuzhev Courses, Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, school in Russian Empire, Imperial St. Petersburg University, Russian Free University, Comenius University, St. Sergius Institute; religion: Eastern Orthodoxy; languages spoken or published: Russian; sex or gender: male; member of political party: Constitutional Democratic Party; alias: Loskis, Losski, Losskij, N.O. Losskii, Nicolas Lossky, Nikolai Losski, Nikolai Lossky, Nikolai Onufrievich Losskii, Nikolai Onufrijewitsch Losski, Nikołaj Łosski, Nikolaj Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrevič Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrievič Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrijevič Loski, Nikolaj Onufrijevič Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrijevitsj Losskij, Nikołaj Onufrijewicz Łosski, Nikolajs Loskis, Nikolajs Losskis, Nikolay Lossky, Nikolay Onoefrievitsj Losskiy, Nikolaj Onufrevič Losskij, Nïkolaý Onwfrïyevïç Losskïý, Н. О. Лосский, Николај Онуфријевич Лоски, Николај Онуфријевич Лоскиј, Николай Онуфриевич Лосский, Николай Лосский, Николай Лоски, М. Лоскі, Мікалай Ануфрыевіч Лоскі, Мікалай Лоскі, Лосский, Лосский Н., Лосский Н. О., Лосский Николай Онуфриевич, Лоський Микола Онуфрійович نيكولاى لوسكى, , 尼古拉*洛斯基; description/label: filòsof rus, filósofo ruso, filosofo russo, filozof rus, philosophe russe, rosyjski filozof, ruský filozof, Russian philosopher, Russisch filosoof , russischer Philosoph, Venemaa filosoof, русский философ-интуитивист, рускі філосаф פילוסוף רוסי,, 俄罗斯哲学家; abART person ID: 78638; Academic Tree ID: 54859; Angelicum ID: 43267; Archives at Yale names ID: people/68034; Babelio author ID: 300698; BAV (Vatican Library: identifier) ADV10971980, identifier) ADV12054242; Belarus in persons and events ID: 133335; BHCL UUID: af90ec50-cf2d-4a93-8a29-91074b6de517; Bibliography of the History of Slovakia ID: 94696; Biblioteche della Custodia di Terra Santa a Gerusalemme ID: 7521; BIBSYS identifier: 90673242; Biographical Dictionary of the Czech Lands ID: 64594; BNE identifier: XX1107223; BnF identifier: 11333026v; Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online ID: losski-nikolai-onufrijewitsch; Canadiana Name Authority ID: ncf11967413; CiNii author identifier: DA06276059; Classiques des sciences sociales ID: Lossky_Nicolas; CONOR.BG ID: 7990117; CONOR identifier: 71411555; CONOR.SR ID: 37182567; De Agostini ID: Losskij; Deutsche Biographie (GND: ID) 118729144; ELNET ID: a11224836, a11231300; Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID: biography/Nikolay-Onufriyevich-Lossky; Europeana entity: agent/base/146047; FAST-ID: 81961; Find a Grave ID: 31973046; Freebase identifier: /m/0dpx0c; GND identifier: 118729144; Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID: 0038565; Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID: 2158836; Hrvatska enciklopedija ID: 37202; InPhO identifier: thinker/3486; IxTheo authority ID: 133772926; Kallías ID: PE00342148; Krugosvet article: gumanitarnye_nauki/filosofiya/LOSSKI_NIKOLA_ONUFRIEVICH.html; Latvian National Encyclopedia Online ID: 145448; LCAuth identifier: n81128531; Libris-URI: c9prmkbw34hw3tz; LNB identifier: 000055146; National Library of Greece ID: 161638; National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007271746905171; National Library of Lithuania ID: LNB:V*132719;=BJ; National Library of Russia ID: 7768707; NKC identifier: jz6701276; NLA identifier: 35571250; NLI (Israel: identifier) 000440474; NLP identifier: A16351009; NSK identifier: 000091091; NTA identifier (Netherlands: ) 070499926; NUKAT authorities: n96215753; Online PWN Encyclopedia ID: 3935204; Open Library identifier: OL4322293A, OL4643805A, OL52835A; Orthodox Encyclopedia ID: 2110741; People Australia identifier: 999880; PLWABN ID: 9810583841205606; Pontificia Università della Santa Croce ID: 47866; Prabook ID: 1033757; Proleksis enciklopedija ID: 35094; Provenio UUID: 36292732-e4ec-44d0-a724-15513e06255d; RERO ID: 02-A000106895; Rodovid ID: 949545; RSL identifier (person: ) 000081477; Russians of Latvia ID: nikolay-lossky; SELIBR: 72417; SHARE Catalogue author ID: 401327; Slovak National Library ID (VIAF: ) vtls004456914; SNAC ARK ID: w6ff7sdw; SNK ID: 152677; St. Sergius Institute authority ID: 1498; SUDOC authorities: 068666675; Treccani ID: nikolaj-onufrievic-losskij; Treccani's Dizionario di Filosofia ID: nikolaj-onufrievic-losskij; Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID: nikolaj-onufrievic-losskij; Unz Review author ID: LosskiiNO; Vatican Library VcBA ID: 495/33553; Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija ID: nikolaj-losskij; WorldCat Identities ID: lccn-n81128531, viaf-338144782987897672121; zbMATH author ID: lossky.n-o) -
          • found: VIAF, Jan. 19, 2023(born: 1870; died: 1965; preferred: Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrijevič, 1870-1965; variant: Losskij, Nikolaj Onufrijevič; related: Bem, Al'fred Ljudvigovič, 1886-1945, Dosužkov, Fedor Nikolajevič, 1899-1982, Jevreinov, B. A., Marakujev, S.; biographical/historical: Narozen: 6. 12. 1870 v Kreslence, zemřel: 24. 1. 1965. PhDr., filosof, od r. 1922 v ČSR, lektor univ. v Brně a v Praze, smluvní prof. filosofie na univ. v Bratislavě, vydával své spisy rusky a francouzsky.) -
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