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Fredericton (N.B.)

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  • Variants

    • Fredericton, N.B
    • Frederick's Town (N.B.)
    • Горад Фрэдэрыктан (N.B.)
    • Horad Frėdėryktan (N.B.)
    • Фрэдэрыктан (N.B.)
    • Frėdėryktan (N.B.)
    • Фредериктън (N.B.)
    • Frederiktŭn (N.B.)
    • Φρέντρικτον (N.B.)
    • Phrentrikton (N.B.)
    • Frederiktono (N.B.)
    • Фредериктон (N.B.)
    • Frederikton (N.B.)
    • פרדריקטון (N.B.)
    • Fredriḳṭon (N.B.)
    • Fredericopolis (N.B.)
    • Frederiktonas (N.B.)
    • フレデリクトン (N.B.)
    • Furederikuton (N.B.)
    • Фредеріктон (N.B.)
    • 弗雷德里克頓 (N.B.)
    • Fuleidelikedun (N.B.)
    • City of Fredericton (N.B.)
    • Ville de Fredericton (N.B.)
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        Cities and towns
    • Descriptor

        Capitals (Cities)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Canada
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) New Brunswick
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Fredericton, N.B
  • Sources

    • found: NLC 11/10/81(AACR 2: Fredericton (N.B.); originally named: St. Anne's Point [no access points in OCLC])
    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(ppl; 45°56ʹ43ʺN 066°39ʹ56ʺW)
    • found: Wikipedia, August 13, 2015(Fredericton; capital of the Canadian province of New Brunswick; established 1785; The Fredericton area was first permanently settled and named Pointe-Sainte-Anne [no access points in OCLC] (later often anglicized to "Ste. Anne's Point") in 1732 by Acadians fleeing Nova Scotia after the British took over the territory (1710). When New Brunswick became a separate colony from Nova Scotia in 1784, Ste. Anne's Point became the provincial capital, winning out over Parrtown (present-day Saint John) due to its central inland location. A street plan was laid out to the west of the original townsite and the locale was renamed "Frederick's Town", in honour of the second son of King George III of the United Kingdom, Prince Frederick Augustus, Duke of York. The name was shortened to Fredericton shortly after the city became the official provincial capital of New Brunswick on 25 April 1785; 45.957319°N 66.647818°W 45°57ʹ00ʺN 66°40ʹ00ʺW)
    • found: Wikipedia, August 13, 2015:Belarusian page (Горад Фрэдэрыктан = Horad Frėdėryktan; Фрэдэрыктан = Frėdėryktan) Bulgarian page (Фредериктън = Frederiktŭn) Greek page (Φρέντρικτον = Phrentrikton) Esperanto page (Frederiktono) Ossetic page (Фредериктон = Frederikton) Hebrew page (פרדריקטון = Fredriḳṭon or Frederiḳṭon) Latin page (Fredericopolis) Lithuanian page (Frederiktonas) Japanese page (フレデリクトン = Furederikuton) Russian page (Фредериктон = Frederikton) Ukrainian page (Фредеріктон = Frederikton) Chinese page (弗雷德里克頓 = Fuleidelikedun)
    • found: Fredericton website, August 13, 2015:English home page (Fredericton; City of Fredericton) French home page (Ville de Fredericton) - -
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