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Jacobus, de Cessolis, active 1288-1322

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  • Variants

    • Cassalis, Jacob von, active 1288-1322
    • Cessole, Jacopo da, active 1288-1322
    • Cessole, Jakob von, active 1288-1322
    • Cessoles, Jacques de, active 1288-1322
    • Cessolis, Jacobo de, active 1288-1322
    • Cessolis, Jacobus de, active 1288-1322
    • Cessolis, Jakob von, active 1288-1322
    • De Cessolis, Jacobus, active 1288-1322
    • Iacobus, de Cessolis, active 1288-1322
    • Jacobus, de Cessolis, fl. 1288-1322
    • Cessulis, Jacobus de, active 1288-1322
    • Cezolis, Jacobus de, active 1288-1322
    • Iacob, von Cassalis, active 1288-1322
    • Iacopo, da Cessole, active 1288-1322
    • Jacob, von Cassalis, active 1288-1322
    • Jakob, von Cessolis, active 1288-1322
    • Jacques, de Cessoles, active 1288-1322
    • Jacobo, de Cessolis, active 1288-1322
    • Jacopo, da Cessole, active 1288-1322
    • Jaume de Cèssulis, active 1288-1322
    • Cèssulis, Jaume de active 1288-1322
  • Additional Information

    • Death Date

        (edtf) [1322..]
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Dominicans
    • Birth Place

        Cessole (Italy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Asti (Italy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Savona (Italy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Genoa (Italy)
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    • Occupation

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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Jacobus, de Cessolis, fl. 1288-1322
  • Sources

    • found: Müller, R. A. Der Arzt im Schachspiel bei Jakob von Cessolis, c1981:t.p. (Jakob von Cessolis; Jacobus de Cessolis [English form]; Jacques de Cessoles; Jacobo de Cessolis)
    • found: His The game of chess, 1976:t.p. (Jacobus de Cessolis)
    • found: Konrad von Ammenhausen. Das Schachzabelbuch Kunrats von Ammenhausen ... 1892:t.p. (Jakob von Cessole)
    • found: His Volgarizzamento del libro de' costumi e degli offizii ... 1829:t.p. (Jacopo da Cessole)
    • found: Grande encycl.(Cessoles, Jacques de; writer of the Order of Saint Dominic, lived at the end of the 13th cent., beginning of the 14th)
    • found: Kaeppeli, T. Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum Medii Aevi, 1975:v. 2, pages 311-318 (Iacobus de Cessolis; probably originally of the convent of St. Mary Magdalene in Asti; spent time in convent of Genoa; in 1288, was sent to found a convent in Savona; activities attested 1288-1322)
    • found: Jacobus, de Cessolis. Das Bůch menschlicher Sitten vnd der Ampt der Edeln, 1477:Incipit ([I]ch Brůder Iacob von Cassallis Prediger Ordens ...)
    • found: Dizionario biografico degli italiani, v. 62, 2004, via Treccani website, October 12, 2018(Iacopo da Cessole, born in the second half of the 13th century in Cessole, near Asti; entered the Dominican convent of the Magdalene in Asti; involved in the founding of the Dominican convent in Savona, around 1288; later belonged to the Genovan community; known for Libellus de moribus hominum et officiis nobilium ac populum super ludo scaccorum (also known as Liber de moribus or Libellus super ludo scaccorum), composed around 1300; his Italian origin was previously uncertain (even the authors of Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum place his origin in Picardy and say that he was educated in the convent of Reims) but has now been documented; death date unknown, but after 1322, the year of the two latest documents relating to him)
    • found: Quétif, Jacques. Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum recensiti, notisque historicis et criticis illustrati, 1722, via Internet Archive, October, 12, 2018:v. 1, pages 471-472 (F. Jacobus de Cessolis or Cessulis, sometimes spelled Cezolis; "Gallus Remensis sacrae theologiae magister")
    • found: Jaume de Cèssulis : libre de les costumes dels hòmens e dels oficis dels nobles sobre lo joc dels escachs, 2018
    • notfound: Encycl. Brit.;Grande encicl. Vallardi;New Cath. Encycl.
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