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Desargues, Gérard, 1591-1661

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  • Variants

    • Desargues, Gérard, 1593-1662?
    • Desargues, G. (Gérard), 1591-1661
    • Desargues, Girard, 1591-1661
    • Desargues, Gaspard, 1591-1661
    • Desargues, Mr., 1591-1661
    • De Sargues, Mr., 1591-1661
    • Sargues, Gérard de, 1591-1661
    • S. G. D. L., 1591-1661
    • L., S. G. D., 1591-1661
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Death Date

        (edtf) [1661-04..1661-08]
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: Academia Parisensis
    • Birth Place

        (naf) Lyon (France)
    • Death Place

        (naf) Lyon (France)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Paris (France)
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                • Earlier Established Forms

                  • Desargues, Gérard, 1593-1662?
                • Sources

                  • found: La maniere vniuerselle de Mr. Desargues lyonnois, pour poser l'essieu, & placer les heures & autres choses aux cadrans au soleil, 1643.
                  • found: L'œuvre mathématique de G. Desargues, 1981:t.p. (G. Desargues) p. 11 (Girard Desargues, b. Lyon 3/2/1591 according to baptismal records in the Archives de la ville de Lyon) p. 66 (d. 1661)
                  • found: Mr. De Sargues universal way of dyaling, 1659.
                  • found: Maniere vniuerselle de Mr. Desargues, pour pratiquer la perspectiue par petit-pied, comme le geometral, 1647:preliminary page 13 (Monsieur Desargues) preliminary page 16 (in privilege: Girard Desargues de la ville de Lion)
                  • found: Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, Mar. 7, 2014(Desargues, Girard; variant names: Désargues, Gérard; Désargues, Gaspard; architect, theorist of perspective, mathematician, engineer; born Lyon, Feb. 21, 1591 (not 1593); died Lyon, between April and August 1661; signed SGDL (Sieur Girard Desargues Lyonnois); silk merchant in Lyon before moving to Paris in 1626; member of the Acad. parisiensis of Marin Mersenne; published theoretical writings on geometry and learning music and developed a method of perspective drawing without the use of an external point; lists works by him; bibliography includes Manière univ. de Monsieur D., pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le géométral, by A. Bosse, 1647 )
                  • found: Thieme-Becker, via Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, Mar. 7, 2014(Désargues, Gérard, architect and geometrician, born 1593 in Lyon, died there 1661)
                  • found: Grove Art Online/Oxford Art Online, Mar. 7, 2014(Desargues, Gérard (Girard), born Lyon, Mar. 2, 1591, died Paris(?), before Oct. 8, 1661; French mathematician, engineer and theorist; interested in applying scientific knowledge to building techniques; in 1636 he published a treatise on perspective, but he subsequently concentrated on architecture; also interested in stonecutting (stereotomy), publishing a treatise on the subject in 1640)
                  • found: Dict. of scientific biography, 1970-1980(Desargues, Girard, born Lyon, Feb. 21, 1591, died France, October 1661; geometry, perspective; lists his original works; under "secondary literature," lists three works by A. Bosse "directly inspired" by Desfargues: La pratique du trait à preuves de Monsieur Desargues lyonnois pour la coupe des pierres (1643), La maniere universelle de Mr. Desargues lyonnois pour poser l'essieu (1643) and Maniere universelle de Mr. Desargues pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied (1648))
                  • found: BnF authorites, Mar. 7, 2014(authorized access point: Desargues, Girard (1591-1661); born 1591-03-02, Lyon; died 1661-10, Lyon; engineer, geometrician and architect; variant formes include Sargues, Girard de; L,S,G,D,L,; L.S.D.; S.G.D.L.)
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