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Boethius, of Dacia, active 13th century

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    • Boetius, of Dacia, active 13th century
    • Boèce, de Dacie, active 13th century
    • Boethius, de Dacia, active 13th century
    • Boetius, de Dacia, active 13th century
    • Boethius, of Sweden (Dacia), active 13th century
    • Boethius, of Denmark, active 13th century
    • Boetius, Dacus, active 13th century
    • Boethius, von Dacien, active 13th century
    • Boezio, di Dacia, active 13th century
    • Dacia, Boethius de, active 13th century
    • Danske Bo, active 13th century
    • Dacus, B. (Boethius), active 13th century
    • Boethius, of Dacia, 13th cent.
    • Boetius de Dacia, 13th cent.
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        Paris (France)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Boethius, of Dacia, 13th cent.
    • Boetius de Dacia, 13th cent.
  • Sources

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    • found: LC data base, June 24, 1983(hdg.: Boetius de Dacia, 13th cent.; usage: Boethius de Dacia)
    • found: New Catholic encyclopedia. Second edition, 2003:volume 2, pages 457-458 (Boethius of Sweden (Dacia); Aristotelian philosopher; probably born in Denmark, first half of the 13th century; place and date of death unknown; the theory that he was of Swedish origin and a canon of the Diocese of Linköping has been seriously questioned by S.S. Jensen (1963))
    • found: Encyclopedia of philosophy, 1967:volume 1 (Boetius of Dacia; also called Boetius of Sweden)
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    • found: Boethius, of Dacia. Modi significandi, sive, Quaestiones super Priscianum Maiorem, 2018:title page (Boethius von Dacien; he taught at the University of Paris in the 1270's; he was of Danish origin; he was part of a group of masters around Siger of Brabant)
    • found: Ebbesen, Sten. Boethius of Dacia, viewed online on July 11, 2018 at the Medieval Nordic Literature in Latin website(Boethius of Dacia; near-contemporary sources call him Boetius de Dacia or B. Dacus; his given name must be a Latinization of some vernacular name, presumably the one appearing in modern Scandinavian languages as "Bo"; "de Dacia" meant "from Denmark" in the usage current at the University of Paris during the years he spent there (he taught at the University as a master of arts in the 1270's); in older literature he is sometimes referred to as "Boethius of Sweden") -
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    • notfound: Encycl. Brit., 1972;Acad. Amer. encycl., 1981;Colliers, 1973;Encycl. Amer., 1975.
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