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Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948-

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  • Fuller Name

    • Svetlana Aleksandrovna
  • Variants

    • Aleksievich, S. A. (Svetlana Aleksandrovna), 1948-
    • Aleksievich, Svi︠a︡tlana, 1948-
    • Aleksievich, Svi︠a︡tlana Ali︠a︡ksandraŭna, 1948-
    • Aleksii︠e︡vych, Svitlana, 1948-
    • Alexievich, Svetlana, 1948-
    • Alexievich, Svetlana Alexandrovna, 1948-
    • Alexievitch, Svetlana, 1948-
    • Alexijevič, Svetlana, 1948-
    • Alexijewitsch, Swetlana, 1948-
    • Alexiyevich, S. (Svetlana), 1948-
    • Alexiyevich, Svetlana, 1948-
    • Алексиевич, Светлана, 1948-
    • Алексіевіч, Святлана Аляксандраўна, 1948-
    • Алексіевіч, Светлана, 1948-
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1948-05-31
    • Descriptor

        Nobel Prize winners
    • Descriptor

    • Birth Place

        (naf) Stanislav (Ukraine)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Belarus
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    • Associated Language

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    • Occupation

        (lcdgt) Authors
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    • Sources

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      • found: Aleksievich, Svetlana. Die letzten Zeugen, 2014:title page (Swetlana Alexijewitsch) rear flap of dust jacket (Swetlana Alexijewitsch; born 1948, in Ukraine; grew up in Belarus; 2015, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature)
      • found: Last witnesses, 2019:dust jacket (Svetlana Alexievich was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine in 1948 and has spent most of her life in the Soviet Union and present-day Belarus, with prolonged periods of exile in Western Europe. She was a journalist. She writes nonfiction)
      • found: Wikipedia, November 21, 2017(Svetlana Alexievich; Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich (born 31 May 1948) is a Belarusian investigative journalist and non-fiction prose writer who writes in Russian. She was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature; first writer from Belarus to receive the award; Святлана Аляксандраўна Алексіевіч = Svi︠a︡tlana Ali︠a︡ksandraŭna Aleksievich; born Stanislav, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union (modern Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine))
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