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Idrīs I, Imam of Morocco, -793

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  • Variants

    • Idrīs al-Akbar, Imam of Morocco, -793
    • Idrīs al-Awwal, Imam of Morocco, -793
    • Idrīs I, Imam of Morocco, d. 793
    • Idris ben Abdallah, -793
    • Idrīs Ibn ʻAbd Allāh, Imam of Morocco, -793
    • Idrīs ibn ʻAbdullāh, Imam of Morocco, -793
    • Idrīs, Mawlá, -793
    • Mawlá Idrīs ibn ʻAbd Allāh al-Kāmil, Imam of Morocco, -793
    • ادريس
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    • Death Date

        0791Encyclopedia of Islam
    • Death Place

        Moulay Idriss (Morocco)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Idrīs I, Imam of Morocco, d. 793
  • Sources

    • found: al-Imān Idrīs, 1988:t.p. (Al-Imām Idrīs) p. 5 etc. (al-Mawlá Idrīs ibn ʻAbd Allāh al-Kāmil; Idrīs al-Awwal; d. Rabīʻ al-Thānī, 177 H/793 M)
    • found: Ency. of Islam(Idrīs I. (al-Akbar) b. ʻAbd Allāh; d. 175/791)
    • found: al-Aʻlām, v. 1(Idrīs ibn ʻAbd Allāh; d. 177 H/793 M, muʼassis dawlat al-Adārisah fī al-Maghrib)
    • found: al-Munjid, 1986(Idrīs ibn ʻAbd Allāh; d. 177 H/793 M; imām Shīʻī; muʼassis al-dawlah al-Idrīsīyah fī al-Maghrib)
    • found: Encyclopédie berbère (online), undated, viewed Feb. 10, 2016(Idris Ier, [ruled] 788-791; Idris ben Abdallah; descendant of the Prophet by Ali; reached Tangiers in 780 after crossing the Hijaz, Egypt, North Africa, then settled among Awreba Berbers at Walila on the site of Volubilis; founded Fes in 789; built coalition of regional tribes; although later counted as a champion of Sunni orthodoxy, he benefited from Shiite support after his departure from the Orient, and was called motazilite [heretic] by orthodox writers; poisoned by agent of caliph Harun al-Rashid)
    • found: Wikipedia, Feb. 10, 2016(Idris I of Morocco; Idris ibn Abdullah; Idrīs ibn ʻAbdullāh; Idris I, Emir of Morocco; first ruler and founder of the Idrisid dynasty and the kingdom of Morocco, ruled 788-791; escaped from Abbasids after battle of Fakhkh (786), took refuge in the western Maghreb (present-day Morocco); founded town of Moulay Idriss near the hill of Zerhoun, at Walīla, site of Roman Volubilis; ; captured Tlemcen (modern-day Algeria) in 789, prompting vengeance from the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid, poisoned and died in 791, buried in Moulay Idriss)
    • found: Wikipedia, Feb. 10, 2016(Idris II of Morocco; b. 791, two months after the death of his father, Idris I)
    • found: Grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture, v. 3, 2009, viewed online Jan. 10, 2016:p. 479 (Idrīs I (r. 789-93))
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