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Kansas Joe, 1905-1950

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    • Joe, Kansas, 1905-1950
    • McCoy, Kansas Joe, 1905-1950
    • McCoy, Joe, 1905-1950
    • Big Joe, 1905-1950
    • Joe, Big, 1905-1950
    • Hallelujah Joe, 1905-1950
    • Joe, Hallelujah, 1905-1950
    • Mud Dauber Joe, 1905-1950
    • Joe, Mud Dauber, 1905-1950
    • McCoy, Wilbur, 1905-1950
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        Blues singer
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        • Sources

          • found: Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe [SR] 1989- :v. 2, label (Kansas Joe, blues singer and guitarist) container (Kansas Joe McCoy, Joe McCoy)
          • found: Ency. of the blues, 1992:p. 239 (Joe McCoy; "recorded numerous records under several stage names (e.g., Kansas Joe, Big Joe, Georgia Pine Boy, and Mississippi Mudder)"; Joe McCoy was brother of Charlie McCoy and was married to Memphis Minnie)
          • found: Memphis harp & jug blowers (1927-1939) [SR] p1992:program notes (Joe Williams, vocals, guitar; "Joe Williams" is identified by 2 experts as being Joe McCoy)
          • found: Dixon, R.M.W. Blues & gospel records, 1890-1943, 4th ed.:p. 561 (Joe McCoy; never recorded under own name, using instead the pseuds. Kansas Joe, Big Joe, Hallelujah Joe, Mud Dauber Joe, Georgia Pine Boy, and Mississippi Mudder, at various times; recorded vocals with the Harlem Hamfats under the name Hamfoot Ham; may also have used the names Bill Wilber, Joe Johnson, and Joe Williams as pseuds.; real name believed to be Wilbur McCoy)
          • found: Encyc. of popular mus., 3rd ed.(McCoy, Joe; b. May 11, 1905, Raymond, Miss.; d. Jan. 28, 1950, Chicago, Ill.; m. Memphis Minnie; used a variety of pseudonyms including Kansas Joe and Hallelujah Joe)
          • found: Wikipedia, May 28, 2013(Kansas Joe McCoy; born May 11, 1905 in Raymond, Miss. ; died January 28, 1950 in Chicago; an American Delta blues musician and songwriter. McCoy played music under a variety of stage names but is best known as "Kansas Joe McCoy" He teamed up with future wife Lizzie Douglas, a guitarist better known as Memphis Minnie. In 1930, the couple moved to Chicago; McCoy teamed up with his brother to form a band known as the Harlem Hamfats that performed and recorded during the second half of the 1930s. McCoy also performed and recorded under the names Bill Wither, Georgia Pine Boy, Hallelujah Joe, Big Joe McCoy and His Washboard Band, and The Mississippi Mudder. Other names he used from time to time included Hillbilly Plowboy, Mud Dauber Joe and Hamfoot Ham)
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          • [Usage of sobriquets with the name Joe are considered to be variants of the musicians's name and not alternate identities; consider establishing separately if usage shows otherwise. -- PSD, May 28, 2013.]
          • [Pseudonyms not found on published works: Bill Wilbur, Joe Johnson, Bill Wither, Hillbilly Plowboy.]
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