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  • Codes

    • f-ea---
  • Variants

    • ʼArtrā
    • Colonia Eritrea
    • Dawlat Iritriyā
    • Država Eritreja
    • Dŭrzhava Eritrei︠a︡
    • Eartra
    • Eiritré
    • ʼÉretrā
    • Èritrê
    • Eritrea Riik
    • Eritreako Estatua
    • Ėritreĭ
    • Eritrei︠a︡
    • Ėritreĭmudin Orn
    • Ėritreĭy Paddzakhad
    • Eritreja
    • Eritrejský stát
    • Eritreo
    • Eritreya
    • Eritreya Dövläti
    • Ērtra
    • Erythraia
    • Érythrée
    • Ėrytrėi︠a︡
    • Estado de Eritrea
    • État d'Érythrée
    • Government of the State of Eritrea
    • GSE (Government of the State of Eritrea)
    • Gwladwriaeth Eritrea
    • Hagärä Ertra
    • Hagere Ērtra
    • Iritīriyā
    • Iritriyā
    • Kratos tēs Erythraias
    • Provisional Government of Eritrea
    • République d'Érythrée
    • Staat Eritrea
    • Stàir Eartra
    • Stát na hEiritré
    • State of Eritrea
    • Stato dell' Eritrea
    • Staturin Eritrea
    • Steat Eritrea
    • Κράτος της Ερυθραίας
    • Ερυθραία
    • Эрытрэя
    • Эритрей
    • Эритрейы Паддзахад
    • Эритреймудин Орн
    • Държава Еритрея
    • Еритрея
    • إرتريا
    • إرتيريا
    • دولة إرتريا
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        Countries (sovereign states)
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        National state
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        Africa, Eastern
    • Associated Locale

        Horn of Africa
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                    • Sources

                      • found: Geographic and global issues, Spring 1993(On April 17, 1993, Eritrea declared its independence from Ethiopia; the U.S. gov't that day recognized Eritrea as an independent state)
                      • found: Africa south of the Sahara, 1993:p. 340 (In May 1991, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front established Eritrea as a de facto independent state and a provisional govt. was appointed to govern until the referendum planned for 1993; in the meantime, the EPLF moved to eradicate all traces of Ethiopian rule)
                      • found: Guidance bulletin (U.S. Dept. of State. Office of the Geographer), no. 10, 7/12/93(The conventional short-form name as approved by BGN is Eritrea; the Provisional Government of Eritrea has not yet decided on a long-form name)
                      • found: Phone call to Embassy of Eritrea, 10-4-93(Eritrea has 9 spoken languages; no official language; govt. uses Arabic and Tigrinya as working languages)
                      • found: The statesman's yearbook, 2000:Eritrea section (Arabic and Tigrinya are the official languages)
                      • found: ʼĀfāwi sena ṣeḥuf qwanqwatāt ʼArtrā, 1998.
                      • found: Eritrea, 1994:p. 4 (ʼÉretrā)
                      • found: Children and women in Eritrea, 1994, 1994:t.p. (logo of the Govt. of Eritrea) spine (GSE) pref. (Government of the State of Eritrea (GSE))
                      • found: Education for the pastoral communities of Eritrea, 1995:t.p. (State of Eritrea)
                      • found: Foreign names information bulletin, no. 12(Eritrea [Short form], State of [conventional]; Hagere Ērtra [Tigrinya] [Ērtra short form])
                      • found: Investment proclamation no. 18/1991, 1992:t.p. (Provisional Government of Eritrea)
                      • found: Wikipedia, July 15, 2006(Eritrea; State of Eritrea; Hagärä Ertra [in rom.])
                      • found: Wikipedia, July 4, 2011(Eritrea; ʼErtrā [in rom.], Arabic: إرتريا = Iritriyā; Iritrīyā [in rom.]), officially the State of Eritrea; Hagere Ertra [in rom.]; دولة إرتريا = Dawlat Iritriyā; Dawlat Iritrīya [in rom.]) Franco-Provençal/Arpitan page (Èritrê) Azerbaijani page (Eritreya [in rom.]; Eritreya Dövläti [in rom.]) Belarusian page (Эрытрэя = Ėrytrėi︠a︡) Bosnian page (Eritreja; Država Eritreja) Bulgarian page (Еритрея = Eritrei︠a︡; Държава Еритрея = Dŭrzhava Eritrei︠a︡) Czech page (Eritrea; Eritrejský stát) Welsh page (Eritrea; Gwladwriaeth Eritrea) German page (Eritrea; Staat Eritrea) Estonian page (Eritrea; Eritrea Riik) Greek page (Ερυθραία = Erythraia; Κράτος της Ερυθραίας = Kratos tēs Erythraias) Spanish page (Eritrea; Estado de Eritrea) Esperanto page (Eritreo) Basque page (Eritrea; Eritreako Estatua) Faroese page (Eritrea; Staturin Eritrea) French page (Érythrée; État d'Érythrée; République d'Érythrée) Irish page (Eiritré; Stát na hEiritré) Manx page (Eritrea; Steat Eritrea) Scottish Gaelic page (Eartra; Stàir Eartra) Galician page (Eritrea; Stato dell' Eritrea; Estado de Eritrea) Kalmyk page (Эритреймудин Орн = Ėritreĭmudin Orn) Ossetian page (Эритрей = Ėritreĭ; Эритрейы Паддзахад = Ėritreĭy Paddzakhad)
                      • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(pcl; 15°00ʹ00ʺN 039°00ʹ00ʺE)
                      • found: Iritīriyā, 2011.
                      • found: Britannica academic (Website), viewed on Jan. 23, 2018:under Eritrea (Eritrea was under British administration from 1941-September 15, 1952; it was then part of Ethiopia; in May 1991 the Eritrean People's Liberation Front assumed control; declared independent on May 24, 1993)
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                      • [URIs added to this record for the PCC URI MARC Pilot. Please do not remove or edit the URIs.]
                      • [DESCRIPTIVE USAGE: Includes the provisional government period, May 1991-Apr. 1993, and the current independent country.]
                      • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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