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Vacarius, 1115?-1200?

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  • Variants

    • Vacario, 1115?-1200?
    • Vacarii, 1115?-1200?
    • Roger Vacarius, 1115?-1200?
    • Vacarius, Master, 1115?-1200?
    • Vacarius, Magister, 1115?-1200?
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    • Birth Place

        Lombardy (Italy)
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    • Field of Activity

      Roman law

      Canon law

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  • Sources

    • found: The liber pauperum of Vacarius, 1927
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    • found: OCLC, Sept. 19, 2002(hdg.: Vacarius, 1115?-2000?; usage: Vacario, Vacarius, Vacarii)
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    • found: Encyclopaedia Britannica, viewed Nov. 7, 2018(Vacarius; born ca. 1115-1120 in Lombardy; died after 1198 in England; scholar of Roman and canon law at the nascent University of Oxford and elsewhere; the first known teacher of Roman law in England) -
    • found: Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 1989:volume 12, page 343 (Vacarius, ca. 1115/20-ca.1205; Italian jurist and canonist; a graduate of Bologna around 1140; roughly four years later Vacarius went to England to assist the Archbishop of Canterbury; in the employ of Roger of York by 1159; he became the rector of Norwell in Yorkshire and served as judge-delegate for the pope in England; silenced by King Stephen before 1154 for teaching Roman and canon law, he went to Northampton and studied theology. There he wrote De assumpto homine, Summa de matrimonio, and Liber contra multiplices et varios errores; best known for the Liber pauperum, compiled around 1170; no evidence he taught in Oxford)
    • found: Stein, Peter. "Vacarius and the civil law," in Church and government in the Middle Ages, 1976:pages 119-123 (Vacarius known as the person who introduced the Roman law of Justinian to England; mistakenly identified as Roger of Bec; best-known for his Liber pauperum; born about 1120; studied civil law in Bologna; brought to England by the archbishop of Cantebury about 1143; in the following years he taught civil law; in the late 1150s he moved into the service of Rober, archbishop of York; remained in York for the remainder of his life where he practiced law and aided the archbishop and later acted as canon of Southwell and parson of Norwell; unlikely that Vacarius taught at Oxford but likely did teach civil law in England; by 1190s, Vacarius Liber pauperum the main textbook in Oxford's school of civil law)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed Nov. 8, 2018(Vacarius; Roger Vacarius, 1120-1200?; an Italian authority on civil and canon law; he was the first known teacher of Roman law in England) -
    • found: Taliadoros, Jason. Law and theology in twelfth-century England, 2006:title page (Master Vacarius, c. 1115/1120-c.1200) pages 2-8 (Master Vacarius born c. 1115/1120, probably in Lombardy; studied law from 1130s-1140s in Lombardy, most likely in Bologna; arrived in England sometime between 1143 and 1149, when he came to work in the household of the Archbishop of Canterbury; may have taught law and grammar in the cathedral school and individually; ordained while in England; went north in 1159 to the household of Roger, Archbishop of York and remained there until 1181; composed Liber pauperum sometime after 1149 and as late as the thirteenth century; may have become a teacher at Oxford sometime between 1149 and the 1190s; made secular canon at Southwell between 1164 and 1167, which included a prebend of Norwell; appointed as papal judge delegate on seven occasions between 1176 and 1180; last recorded act in 1198; died around 1200)
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    • [Not to be confused with Roger, abbot of Bec.]
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