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Priapus (Greek deity)

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  • Variants

    • Priape (Greek deity)
    • Πρίαπος (Greek deity)
    • Priapos (Greek deity)
    • Πριηπος (Greek deity)
    • Priēpos (Greek deity)
    • Прыяп (Greek deity)
    • Pryi︠a︡p (Greek deity)
    • Prijap (Greek deity)
    • Príapo (Greek deity)
    • Priapas (Greek deity)
    • Priaposz (Greek deity)
    • Пријап (Greek deity)
    • プリアーポス (Greek deity)
    • Puriāposu (Greek deity)
    • Приап (Greek deity)
    • Priap (Greek deity)
    • Пріап (Greek deity)
    • 普里阿普斯 (Greek deity)
    • Puliapusi (Greek deity)
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        Greek deity
    • Descriptor

        Gods, Greek
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  • Sources

    • found: Priapées, 2012:p. x (the god Priape; appeared in texts at the dawn of the Hellenistic period; son of Dionysos and Aphrodite according to the most common tradition)
    • found: Encyclopædia Britannica online, April 30, 2018(Priapus, in Greek religion, a god of animal and vegetable fertility whose originally Asian cult started in the Hellespontine regions, centring especially on Lampsacus. He was represented in a caricature of the human form, grotesquely misshapen, with an enormous phallus; In Greek mythology his father was Dionysus, the wine god; his mother was either a local nymph or Aphrodite, the goddess of love)
    • found: Wikipedia, April 30, 2018(Priapus; in Greek mythology, Priapus (Greek: Πρίαπος = Priapos) was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia) Belarusian page (Прыяп = Pryi︠a︡p) Bosnian page (Prijap) Spanish page (Príapo) Lithuanian page (Priapas) Hungarian page (Priaposz) Macedonian page (Пријап = Prijap) Japanese page (プリアーポス = Puriāposu) Russian page (Приап = Priap) Ukrainian page (Пріап = Priap) Chinese page (普里阿普斯 = Puliapusi)
    • found: Theoi Project website, April 30, 2018(Priapos (Priapus) was the god of vegetable gardens. He was also a protector of beehives, flocks and vineyards. Greek names: Πριαπος = Priapos; Πριηπος = Priēpos. Roman names: Priapus, Mutunus) -
    • found:, April 30, 2018(Priapus was a minor fertility god in Greek mythology, who was also the protector of livestock, fruit plants, and male genitals. He was depicted as having an oversized and permanent erection. Sources differ as to who his parents were. Some say he was the son of the god Dionysus and the goddess Aphrodite; Dionysus and Chione; Hermes and Aphrodite; Zeus and Aphrodite; or Pan and Aphrodite. He also became the patron god of merchant sailing, protecting and guiding them through rough seas. It was common for merchants to carry a Priapus figure or a phallus on their ships as protection) -
    • found: Gran enciclopèdia catalana website, April 30, 2018(Príap) -
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