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musette (oboe)

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    • musette pipe
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    • found: Work cat.: 2002539072: Maderna, B. Solo (1971) per musette, oboe, oboe d'amore, corno inglese (un solo esecutore), c1972.
    • found: WWW site, Apr. 17, 2003(under Musette, (2): Many specimens of the "hautbois de Poitou" in museum collections probably date from the 18th century, and it was following the same tradition that Paris woodwind makers began in the 1830s to produce the small oboe without reed-cap which has since been called "musette." Pitched a 5th above the oboe and 31 to 36 cm in length, it is made in two joints and has seven finger-holes, a thumb-hole and two vents in the bell. The reed is shaped like that of an oboe, but is a little smaller. Later a simple keywork was added, and such models, usually made of blackwood, were still offered for sale in the 1930s for domestic amusement)
    • found: Marcuse(Musette: 2. musette chanter of the 18th cent., played without its bagpipe. In such cases the reed was covered by a wooden reed cap to protect it. During the 19th cent. the reed cap was dispensed with, thus transforming the chanter into a small oboe in G (a 5th above the ordinary oboe), marketed as a toy, sometimes with 4, 5, or 6 keys)
    • found: Web. 3(musette: 1a. a small bellows-filled bagpipe popular in France esp. in the 18th cent.; 1b. also musette pipe; a small simple oboe)
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