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    • taille de hautbois
    • taille d'hautbois
    • tenor oboe
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    • found: Work cat.: Muller, J.M. Sonata 12 in B flat, 2012:preface (The present edition is based on the printed set, Jean Michel Muller. XII Sonates à un Haitbois de Concert, qu'on doit jouer sur cet Instrument surtout quand il y a écrit Solo, deux Hautbois ou Violons, une Taille, un Fagot & Basse Continue pour le Clavecin, ou Basse de Violon)
    • found: Leading Tone WWW site, June 26, 2018(The taille (Fr. taille de hautbois, "tenor oboe") was a low pitched, two-keyed oboe which was in common use in Baroque orchestras between the early 17th and mid-18th Centuries. It was pitched lower than both the oboe da caccia and the oboe d'amore; Unlike some models of those instruments, the taille was not curved and was never fitted with the flared bell from which addition the instruments in its family evolved into the modern english horn)
    • found: Grove music online, June 26, 2018(Oboe; Taille de hautbois, a tenor oboe in F, a 5th below the treble; about 1700 the instrument began to be fitted with a bulb bell; by the 1720s horns had replaced tenor oboes in wind bands. However, a preference for the older consort instrumentation was retained in some locations, and tailles continued to be made for several more decades. The instrument had disappeared by about 1780)
    • found: Dahlqvist, R. Taille, oboe da caccia and corno inglese, in The Galpin Society Journal, vol. 26, May 1973, accessed through JSTOR, May 19, 2017:page 68 (The taille which appears before 1720 must be regarded as a straight tenor oboe, which makers continued to produce through the mid-century; when the taille appears in a score after 1720, it could very well be a curved instrument such as an oboe da caccia or a cor anglais)
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