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    • Indigenous peoples--Ecology
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    • Indigenous peoples--Ecology
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 2001017257: Indigenous traditions and ecology, c2001.
    • found: Posey, Darrell A. KayapĆ³ ethnoecology and culture, 2002:page 61 (Ethnoecology can be defined as indigenous perceptions of 'natural' divisions in the biological worlds and plant-animal-human relationships within each division)
    • found: Encyclopedia of biodiversity, 2001(ethnoecology: typically defined as the study of local knowledge and management of ecological interactions. Recently, some researchers have proposed an alternative definition, considering ethnoecology as an emerging field that focuses on local peoples' perception and management of complex and coevolved relationships between the cultural, ecological, and economic components of anthropogenic and natural ecosystems. It is concerned with the interaction between knowledge, practice, and production, and it is oriented toward applied research on conservation and community development)
    • found: Encyclopedia of anthropology, 2006(ethnoecology: the study of human knowledge, perception, classification, and management of natural environments. Work in ethnoecology synthesizes the ecologist's understanding of the relationships between biological and physical components in ecosystems with the cognitive anthropologist's focus on the acquisition and expression of cultural information)
    • found: Martin, G. Ethnobotany : a methods manual, 1995:foreword (Ethnoecology has blossomed in recent years into an important science because of the realization that the vast body of knowledge contained in both indigenous and folk cultures is being rapidly lost as natural ecosystems and cultures are being destroyed by the encroachment of development)
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    • 2020-02-18: revised
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