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Magnetic resonance force microscopy

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    • MRFM (Microscopy)
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    • found: Work cat.: Jensen, S.E. Adaptive control of microcantilevers as employed in magnetic resonance force microscopy, 2000:leaf 1 (MRFM is a technology designed to observe the three-dimensional atomic structure of single molecules)
    • found: Physic news graphics, via WWW, Feb. 8, 2001:Biological/Medical - Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (The goal of magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM) is to produce 3-dimensional, non-destructive, in-situ, atomic-resolution images of atoms, molecules, defects in solids, dopants in semiconductors, and binding sites in viruses)
    • found: Google search, Feb. 8, 2001(magnetic resonance force microscopy; the magnetic resonance force microscope (MRFM) is a novel scanned probe instrument which combines the three-dimensional imaging capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging with the high sensitivity and resolution of atomic force microscopy. It will enable non-destructive, chemical-specific, high-resolution microscopic studies and imaging of subsurface properties of a broad range of materials. This technology holds clear potential for atomic-scale resolution)
    • found: The University of Washington's Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Group WWW home page, Feb. 8, 2001:about MRFM (Magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM) was conceived from the outset as a quantum observation technology that would combine magnetic resonance imaging and scanning probe microscopy to create a technology for achieving: the direct observation of individual molecules, in situ, in their native forms and native environments, with three-dimensional atomic-scale resolution, by a nondestructive observation process)
    • found: Email from W.M. Dougherty, Univ. of Wash. Dept. of Mech. Engr., Feb. 9, 2001(magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM) is quite distinct from conventional magnetic force microscopy (MFM). MRFM involves the external application of modulated RF or microwave fields to induce nuclear or electronic magnetic resonance in the sample, which is detected by force microscope methods. MFM detects static (usually ferromagnetic) magnetic force gradients)
    • found: Email from J. Sidles, Univ. of Wash. Dept. of Orthopaedics, Feb. 8, 2001(MRFM is an equal partnership between MFM and MRM--it derives equally from both. MRFM probably deserves a separate category with similar ontologic status to MFM and MRM)
    • notfound: MESH;McGraw-Hill dict. sci. tech.;Academic Press dict. of sci. and tech., via WWW, Feb. 8, 2001;Stedman's med. dict., via WWW, Feb. 8, 2001;Standard microscopy terminology, via WWW, Feb. 8, 2001;The on-line med. dict., via WWW, Feb. 8, 2001
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