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Physiographic provinces

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    • Geographic provinces
    • Geologic provinces
    • Geological provinces
    • Morphologic regions
    • Provinces, Geographic
    • Provinces, Geologic
    • Provinces, Geological
    • Provinces, Physiographic
    • Provinces, Structural
    • Regions, Morphologic
    • Structural provinces
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    • found: Glossary of geology, 1997(physiographic province (A region of which all parts are similar in geologic structure and climate and which has consequently had a unified geomorphic history; a region whose pattern of relief features or landforms differs significantly from that of adjacent regions. Examples: the Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge, and Piedmont provinces in eastern U.S., and the Basin and Range, Rocky Mountains, and Great Plains provinces in western U.S. Cf: geologic province; geographic province; morphologic region; structural province) structural province (A region whose geologic structure differs significantly from that of adjacent regions. It is generally coextensive with a physiographic province) geologic province (An extensive region characterized throughout by similar geologic history or by similar structural, petrographic, or physiographic features. Cf: physiographic province) geographic province (An extensive region all parts of which are characterized by similar geographic features. Cf: physiographic province) morphologic region (A region delimited according to its distinctive landforms, rock structure, and evolutionary history. Cf: physiographic province))
    • found: GeoRef thesaurus, via WebSPIRS, Dec. 11, 2001(physiographic provinces. UF: provinces, physiographic. RTs: geomorphology; topography)
    • found: McGraw-Hill dict. sci. tech. terms, c1989(physiographic province [GEOL] A region having a pattern of relief features or landforms that differs significantly from that of adjacent regions; geologic province [GEOL] An area in which geologic history has been the same)
    • found: Bromley, M. Biological information for the Slave Geological Province, 1995.
    • found: LC database, Dec. 11, 2001(physiographic provinces; geological provinces; geologic provinces; structural provinces; geographic provinces)
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    • 2002-01-23: revised
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