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    • Availability (Thermodynamics)
    • Available energy (Thermodynamics)
    • Essergy
    • Work potential of energy
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    • found: Work cat.: Szargut, Jan. Exergy analysis of thermal, chemical, and metallurgical processes, 1988:p. 2 ("... it was necessary to introduce another name for the notion expressing the quality of energy, its ability to be converted to other kinds of energy, and especially to perform work in the conditions of technical processes. The word 'exergy' was proposed by Z. Rant in 1956 ... for this purpose. Other terms are available energy, availability, and essergy")
    • found: Encyclopedia of energy technology and the environment, 1995:v. 2, p. 1115 ("Exergy ... is the potential to do work. Thermodynamically, this is the maximum work a stream can deliver by coming into equilibrium with its surroundings ... Exergy is also sometimes called availability or work potential")
    • found: International encyclopedia of heat & mass transfer, 1997:p. 389 ("Exergy is a quantity used by process engineers in analysing energy flow in industrial processes to improve designs and to minimise total energy usage") p. 390 (" ... exergy. This is the amount of work or energy that can be obtained from a reversible steady-state flow process.")
    • found: Encyclopedia of physical science and technology, 2002:v. 5, p. 442 ("Exergy - The amount of work obtainable when some matter is brought to a state of thermodynamic equilibrium with the common components of the natural surroundings by means of reversible processes ..."); v. 16, p. 660 ("Exergy is the maximum theoretical useful work (shaft work or electrical work) obtainable from a thermal system as it is brought into equilibrium with the environment while interacting with the environment only. Alternately, exergy is the minimal theoretical work (shaft or electrical work) required to form a quantity of matter from substances present in the environment and to bring the matter to a specified state")
    • found: Çengel, Yunus A. Thermodynamics : an engineering approach, 2002p. 392 ("Exergy: work potential of energy ... it would be very desirable to have a property to enable us to determine the useful work potential of a given amount of energy at some specified state. This property is exergy, which is also called the availability or available energy.")
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    • 2003-02-20: revised
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