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Evolutionary psychology

  • Here are entered works on the study of behavior and psychological functions in an evolutionary context.

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    • found: Work cat.: 2002153982: Bridgeman, B. Psychology and evolution : the origins of mind, 2003:CIP galley (emerging field of evolutionary psychology. The goal is to apply concepts of evolutionary theory to basic psychological functions to derive new insights into the roots of human behavior and how that behavior may be viewed as adaptations to important challenges of life.)
    • found: Corsini, R. Dict. of psych.(evolutionary psychology: the study of psychology in terms of the development of the species; a new branch of psychological inquiry that derives its principles from Darwinian and socibiological concepts and then applies them to the study of social development, personality styles of adaptation, as well as interactions between humans and their ecological habitat)
    • found: Reber, A. Penguin dict. psych.(evolutionary psychology: a broad approach to the study of psychology that seeks to understand behaviours in their evolutionary contexts. Although the approach shares with sociobiology a focus on genetic and biological constraints, it places more emphasis on the role of social and cognitive factors, which tend to be neglected by sociobiologists.)
    • found: Palmer, J.A. Evolutionary psychology : the ultimate origins of human behavior:p. xiii (Evolutionary psychology is the study of the adaptive significance of behavior and attempts to explain how certain behaviors developed over time in order to secure survival and increase the probability of survival of one's progeny) p. 16 ("According to Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, ... evolutionary psychology differs from sociobiology because it integrates evolutionary biology with cognitive science. [It] views the mind as a set of information-processing machines that were designed by natural selection to solve adaptive problems faced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors.")
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    • BF698.95
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    • Here are entered works on the study of behavior and psychological functions in an evolutionary context.
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    • 2003-02-04: new
    • 2003-03-17: revised
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