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Iraq War, 2003-2011

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    • Anglo-American Invasion of Iraq, 2003-2011
    • Dawn, Operation New, 2010-2011
    • Gulf War II, 2003-2011
    • Iraq--History--Anglo-American Invasion, 2003-2011
    • Iraqi Freedom, Operation, 2003-2010
    • New Dawn, Operation, 2010-2011
    • Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003-2010
    • Operation New Dawn, 2010-2011
    • Operation Telic, 2003-2011
    • Persian Gulf War, 2003-2011
    • Telic, Operation, 2003-2011
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    • found: New York Times, March 21, 2003(Iraq war; Operation Iraqi Freedom)
    • found: Washington Post, March 21, 2003(Iraq war; Operation Iraqi Freedom)
    • found: Associated Press, March 21, 2003(Operation Iraqi Freedom)
    • found: U.K. Ministry of Defence Web site, March 27, 2003(UK military operations against Saddam's regime in Iraq are being conducted under the name Operation Telic)
    • found: Time Magazine, Mar. 24, 2003(Gulf War II)
    • found: Safire, W. Words at War, On Language, New York Times Magazine, Apr. 13, 2003(Gulf War II)
    • found:, Apr. 16, 2003(Anglo-American invasion of Iraq)
    • found:, Apr. 16, 2003(Anglo-American invasion)
    • found:, Apr. 16, 2003(An editorial in the Spanish newspaper El Pais does not refer to Spain's role in the 'coalition of the willing,' but says, 'Although one must build a new future, the Anglo-American invasion cannot be blessed posthumously neither by the U.N. nor by the Europeans.')
    • found: The New Yorker, Apr. 21-28, 2003, The Talk of the Town : War Without End?(it would also require a constricted conscience to declare the Anglo-American invasion finished business)
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 16, 2011(The Iraq War or War in Iraq, also referred to in the United States as the Second Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom, began on Mar. 20, 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. and the U.K.; In a speech at the Oval Office on 31 Aug. 2010 Obama declared "the American combat mission in Iraq has ended. Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country"; Beginning September 1, 2010, the American operational name for its involvement in Iraq changed from "Operation Iraqi Freedom" to "Operation New Dawn")
    • found: Londoño, E. Operation Iraqi Freedom ends as last combat soldiers leave Baghdad, in The Washington Post, Aug. 19, 2010, viewed online Aug. 16, 2011(The 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which left Iraq this week, was the final U.S. combat brigade to be pulled out of the country, fulfilling the Obama administration's pledge to end the U.S. combat mission by the end of August. About 50,000 U.S. troops will remain in Iraq, mainly as a training force)
    • found: Jaffe, G. War in Iraq will be called 'Operation New Dawn' to reflect reduced U.S. role, in The Washington Post, Feb. 19, 2010, viewed online Aug. 16, 2011(The Obama administration has decided to give the war in Iraq a new name -- 'Operation New Dawn' -- to reflect the reduced role U.S. troops will play in securing the country this year as troop levels fall ... Since U.S. forces charged across the Kuwaiti border toward Baghdad in 2003, the war has been known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The new name is scheduled to take effect in September, when U.S. troop levels are supposed to drop to about 50,000)
    • found: U.S. marks end to 9-year war, leaving an uncertain Iraq, via New York times website, Dec. 15, 2011, viewed on Dec. 16, 2011("After nearly nine years, about 4,500 American fatalities and ...")
    • found: Agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq on the withdrawl of United States forces from Iraq... signed 17 Nov. 2008, via State Dept. WWW site, Feb. 16, 2012:Article 24 (sec. 1. All the United States Forces shall withdraw from Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011)
    • found: Obama, B. Weekly address, Honoring Those Who Served in Iraq, as the War Comes to An End, Dec. 17, 2011, via White House WWW site, Feb. 17, 2012:(For nearly nine years, our nation has been at war in Iraq. ... On Thursday, the colors our Armed Forces fought under in Iraq were formally cased in a ceremony in Baghdad before beginning their journey back home. Our troops are now preparing to make their final march across the border and out of the country. Iraq's future will be in the hands of its own people. Our war there will be over. All of our troops will be out of Iraq.)
    • found: Remarks by Defense Secretary Panetta at the U.S. Forces-Iraq End of Mission Ceremony, Dec. 15, 2012 via IIP Digital [U.S. Dept. of State's Bureau of International Information Programs] WWW site, Feb. 17, 2012:(With the departure of the remaining U.S. forces within these last few days to the end of the year, we salute the fact that Iraq is now fully responsible for directing its own path to future security and future prosperity. ... This outcome was never certain, especially during the war's darkest days.)
    • found: Al Jazeera English WWW site, Feb. 16, 2012:article: Last US combat troops leave Iraq, last modified Dec. 16, 2011: subhead (Soldiers cross border after nearly nine years of war and ahead of a December 31 deadline to withdraw) text (The withdrawal ends a war that left tens of thousands of Iraqis and nearly 4,500 American soldiers dead... Ending the war was an early goal of the Obama administration, and the withdrawal allows the president to fulfill a crucial campaign promise during a politically opportune time.)
    • found: BBC WWW site, Feb. 17, 2012:article: Last US troops withdraw from Iraq, Dec. 18, 2012 (When the 1st Cavalry Division's 3rd Brigade rolled across the border between the two countries, at a junction called Khabari crossing, the sky was turning pink - and they had made history. Their arrival officially marked the end of the Iraq war)
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    • DS79.757-DS79.769
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    • 2005-05-23: new
    • 2012-04-24: revised
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