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Death metal (Music)

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    • found: Work cat.: Sharpe-Young, G. Rockdetector A-Z of death metal, 2001:p. i (Death metal is the leviathan of Heavy Metal taken to its most mind-numbing extreme. Even though death metal bands operate on the very perimeters of the genre, the scope of musical variety is wide ranging. In general, the style relies on acts pursuing faster more aggressive patterns. Although this is apparent within the ferocity of the guitars and the almost insane pummelling of drums, it is the vocals that personify Death Metal. Vocalists use their throats as tortured instruments to such an extent that very often the gutteral growls are completely unintelligible)
    • found: AMG All Music Guide WWW Site, 28 May 2003(Death Metal grew out of the thrash metal in the late '80s. Taking the gritty lyrics and morbid obsessions of thrash to extremes, death metal was--as its name suggests--solely about death, pain, and suffering. These relentlessly bleak lyrics were set to loud, heavy riffs that owed as much to the lumbering metal of Black Sabbath as it did to Metallica)
    • found: Death: more than death metal WWW Site, 21 May 2003(the definition death metal was called into being because of the drift of the lyrics - death in all its shapes - and the death rasp which the "singers" use)
    • found: The First Bosnian Metal WWW Site, 21 May 2003:death metal page (Discarding harmony and nihilistically embracing the chromatic scale as law, early death metal bands espoused beliefs in the evil and orderless, the chaotic and the painful. Their rhythmic violence and insistence upon wildly-constructed and atonal guitar solos made them an instant target of both critique and shameless ripoff. By 1992 the peak had been reached, and afterwards soundalikeness pervaded all but the most individually-conceived bands. The overuse of death metal's nihilistic inventions -- chromatic open phrasing and chaotic soloing -- had made that genre, like hardcore punk a decade before, the anti-commercial musical breakdown that in the end made it easier for ripoffs to dress up rock n roll in new production values to create a new product flow to meet a genre-identified need.)
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