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Watershed hydrology

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    • found: Work cat.: Black, P.E. Watershed hydrology, 1991:p. xv (A watershed is a natural unit of land from which the surface, subsurface, and ground water runoff drain to a common outlet. Hydrology is the study of water in the natural environment; the study of the laws, principles, processes, and quantities of water movement and storage ... Watershed hydrology, then, is simply the study of the movement and storage of water on and in the context of the natural land unit of the hydrosphere, the watershed)
    • found: Surface Hydrology Research Group projects, via WWW, June 20, 2005:("Watershed hydrology is the integrated study of hydrological processes occurring within catchments")
    • found: Environmental science--watershed hydrology, via WWW, June 20, 2005(Hydrology is the science of water that is concerned with the origin, circulation, distribution, and properties of the waters of the earth. Watershed hydrology is the application of that science to the study of the storage, movement, and quality of water in the context of the natural landscape unit, the watershed, and the effects of human activities on that water)
    • found: The HyP[superscript 3] Project : pattern, process and productivity in hypermaritime forests of coastal British Columbia, 2005:p. 19 (Watershed hydrology is the study of water movement and storage within a unit of land that drains all water to a common outlet)
    • found: OCLC, June 20, 2005(titles: USDAHL-74 revised model of watershed hydrology; A distributed numerical model for watershed hydrology; Computer models of watershed hydrology; Plot samples of watershed hydrology)
    • notfound: McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms, 2003;Academic Press dictionary of science and technology, 1992;Chambers dictionary of science and technology, 1999.
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