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Sex toys

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    • Aids, Marital (Sex toys)
    • Devices, Erotic (Sex toys)
    • Devices, Sexual
    • Erotic devices (Sex toys)
    • Marital aids (Sex toys)
    • Sex tools (Sex toys)
    • Sexual devices
    • Tools, Sex (Sex toys)
    • Toys, Sex
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    • found: LC database, Feb. 7, 2006.
    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 3, 2012:Sex toy (A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. The term can also include BDSM apparatus and sex furniture such as slings, however it is not applied to items such as birth control, pornography, or condoms. Alternative expressions include adult toy and marital aid, although "marital aid" has a broader sense and is applied to drugs and herbs marketed to supposedly enhance or prolong sex. Types of sex toys: Vibrators; Penile toys; Glass sex toys; Nipple toys; Anal toys; General penetrative toys; Erotic furniture; Improvised sex toys; Erotic electrostimulation. Globally, the sex toy industry is valued at USD 15 billion, with a growth rate of 30%. 70% of sex toys are manufactured in China.)
    • found: The North American Menopause Society website, Nov. 3, 2012:For Women > Sexual Health & Menopause Online > Effective Treatments for Sexual Problems > Sexual Devices (A number of devices have been developed that can help women in menopause with sexual problems, either alone or in addition to treatments such as sex therapy or topical or systemic medication: Vibrators and dildos; A clitoral therapy device, known by the brand name Eros-CTD; Vaginal dilators)
    • found: Ellison, A. Sex tools for erotic pleasure, c1970.
    • found: Gordon, D. Female erotic devices, c1970.
    • found: The phrase finder website, Nov. 3, 2012(Marital aid: A euphemism for a sex toy or any device intended to enhance sexual stimulation.)
    • found: WordWeb online, Nov. 3, 2012(marital aid. Usage: Brit. An object, device, etc, used to enhance human sexual pleasure - sex toy)
    • found: Cambridge dictionaries online, Nov. 3, 2012(marital aid: old-fashioned for sex toy; sex toy: an object that people use to increase their sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or a vibrator)
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