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Experimental economics

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    • found: Work cat.: Developments on experimental economics, c2007:p. vi (history of economics and future of experimental economics)
    • found: Economics lab : an introduction to experimental economics, 2004:p. 14 (history of experimental economics; economic theory before 1960s had little time for laboratory experiments; experimental economics really took off in 1980s)
    • found: Dictionary of the social sciences, 2002:(experimental economics: systematic evaluation of economic theories under controlled laboratory conditions; chief advantages of experimental economics are replicability and control; experimental economics has become an important partner in the development of field of behavioral economics)
    • found: Surveys in experimental economics, 2002:p. 97 (tools of experimental economics: laboratory methods allow mapping of a particular model with its assumptions and environmental conditions into economic sitution in which real people make real economic decisions involving monetary payment)
    • found: University of Wyoming Experimental Economics graduate program WWW homepage, November 19, 2007:(definition of experimental economics: economic experiments offer economists an opportunity to test theoretical propositions in a controlled laboratory environment; three main types of economic experiments include market, game, and individual-decision making experiments; three main types of economic experiments include market, game, and individual-decision making experiments)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 11, 2008(Experimental economics: the application of the laboratory method to test the validity of various economic theories and to test bed new market mechanisms)
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