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Soil respiration

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    • Belowground respiration
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    • found: Work cat.: Tagesson, T. Soil carbon effluxes in ecosystems of Forsmark and Laxemar, 2007:abstr. (annual soil respiration) p. 9 (Soil respiration is the sum of respiration from ground vegetation, roots, rhizosphere, mycorrhiza and microbes. There are many different factors that control soil respiration where temperature and sometimes moisture are the dominant factors)
    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 21, 2008(Soil respiration normally refers to the total CO₂ efflux at the soil surface. It comprises a combination of processes: Biotic processes, which include respiration of the rhizosphere, microbes and fauna; Chemical processes including oxidation of soil minerals, which can be pronounced at high temperature; Physical processes, which include carbon dioxide degassing of the soil and transport of carbon dioxide to the soil's surface)
    • found: Luo, Y. Soil respiration and the environment, c2006:p. ix (Soil respiration is an ecosystem process that releases carbon dioxide from soil via root respiration, microbial decomposition of litter and soil organic matter, and fauna respiration) p. 5 (Soil respiration is defined as the production of carbon dioxide by organisms and the plant parts in soil; sometimes called belowground respiration)
    • found: Encyc. Britannica online, Nov. 21, 2008(Soil respiration (pedology). Each year, soils release 4-5 percent of their carbon to the atmosphere by the transformation of organic matter into CO₂ gas, a process termed soil respiration.)
    • found: Canarache, A. Elsevier's dict. of soil science, c2006(soil respiration: The transfer from the soil surface to the atmosphere of CO₂ resulting in various processes taking place in the soil. Such processes are microorganism activities, root and fauna respiration, decomposition of organic matter, etc. Soil respiration is used as an index of the soil biological activity.)
    • found: Understanding respiration : a study of driving variables and models, via WWW, Nov. 21, 2008:belowground respiration (Soil respiration (belowground respiration) is the major pathway of carbon transfer from soil to atmosphere; Soil respiration normally refers to the total soil CO₂ efflux at the soil surface. It is the combination of biotic, chemical and physical processes)
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    • S594.3
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    • 2008-12-18: new
    • 2008-12-19: revised
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