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Benguela Current

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    • found: Work cat.: Results and conclusions of the project "Ecosystem approaches for fisheries management in the Benguela Current large marine ecosystem", 2007.
    • found: Encyc. Britannica online, Mar. 20, 2008(Benguela Current: oceanic current that is a branch of the West Wind Drift of the Southern Hemisphere. It flows northward in the South Atlantic Ocean along the west coast of southern Africa nearly to the Equator before merging with the westward-flowing Atlantic South Equatorial Current.)
    • found: McGraw-Hill dict. of sci. and tech. terms, c2003(Benguela Current: a strong current flowing northward along the southwestern coast of Africa)
    • found: Ocean surface currents, via WWW, Mar. 20, 2008:Atlantic Ocean currents/Benguela (The Benguela Current, the eastern boundary current of the South Atlantic subtropical gyre; begins as a northward flow off the Cape of Good Hope, where it skirts the western African coast equatorward until around 24°S-30°S. Here most of it separates from the coast as it bends toward the northwest. However, two branches of the current do continue along the coast, and one of them joins the Angola Current at the Angola-Benguela front near 16°S)
    • found: Ocean currents and tides : Benguela Current, via WWW, Mar. 20, 2008(The icy Benguela current moves north from the Southern Ocean (around Antartica) and flows northwards along the West Coast of Africa. Along with the accompanying winds the Benguela current reaches as far as southern Angola, making it extremely difficult to travel southward along the Atlantic Coast)
    • found: Wikipedia, Mar. 20, 2008(Benguela Current; forms the eastern boundary of the South Atlantic subtropical gyre; the current is 2-300 km wide and widens farther as it flows north and northwest; its western, seaward edge is ill-defined, with many temporary and seasonal eddies)
    • notfound: Gaz. of undersea features, 1990;GEOnet, Mar. 20, 2008
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