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Flash point (Thermodynamics)

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    • Flashpoint (Thermodynamics)
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    • found: Work cat.: 2013014517: The practice of flash point determination, 2013:galley, ch. 1 (Flash point is the lowest temperature of a liquid at which sufficient vapor is generated to create a flammable mixture with air in the presence of an ignition source. Thus, in comparing two combustible liquids, the one with the lower flash point would tend to be the one which is more likely to form a flammable concentration in air and is thus considered the more dangerous of the two)
    • found: Aleme, H.G. Determination of flash point and cetane index in diesel using distillation curves and multivariate calibration. Fuel, v. 102 (Dec. 2012):pp. 129-134; subject heading added in indexing (Flash point (Thermodynamics))
    • found: Astray, G. Esters flash point prediction using artificial neural networks. Journal of computational chemistry, v. 34, no. 5 (Feb. 2013):pp. 355-359.
    • found: Hristova, M. Straightforward dimensionless experimental formulae for flash point of binary mixtures of two flammable components. Thermal science, v. 16, no. 4 (2012):pp. 969-985.
    • found: Zarringhalam Moghaddam, A. Assessing prediction models on calculating the flash point of organic acid, ketone, and alcohol mixtures. Fluid phase equilibria, v. 316 (Feb. 2012):pp. 117-121.
    • found: Encyc. Britannica(Flash point (Physics); the lowest temperature at which a liquid (usually a petroleum product) will form a vapor in the air near its surface that will "flash" or briefly ignite, on exposure to an open flame. The flash point is a general indication of the flammability or combustibility of a liquid. Below the flash point, insufficient vapor is available to support combustion.)
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