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Quilmes Indians

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    • Kilmes Indians
    • Quilme Indians
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    • found: Work cat: Los kilmes, 2005?:pt. 1, opening titles (los Kilmes) pt. 1, end credits (comunidad de los Quilmes) pt. 1, container (los Kilmes; an aboriginal people that was defeated by the Spanish in 1666 after resisting conquest for 130 years; the Kilmes were then forcibly removed from their lands but still exist today)
    • found: Wikipedia (English), viewed Feb. 11, 2014(Quilmes people; they were an indigenous tribe of the Diaguita group settled in the western subandean valleys of today's Tucumán province of Argentina; they resisted the Inca invasions of the 15th century and continued to resist the Spaniards for 130 years before being defeated in 1667; the last 2000 survivors were relocated to a reservation (reducción) 20 km. south of Buenos Aires; today there are only a few Quilmes left in Tucumán province)
    • found: Giesso, M. Historical dictionary of ancient South America, 2008:p. 154 (Quilmes, large late period settlement located in the valley of Santa María, Tucumán; the Quilmes were defeated and sent into exile after several campaigns against the Spaniards [the name Quilmes is used in the entry for both the settlement and the people])
    • found: Steward handbk. So. Am. Ind., 1946:v. 2, p. 651 (the Quilme fought for a long time against the Paccioca and Tolombon [mentioned in a chapter on the Diaguita])
    • found: Loukotka, C. Classification of South American Indian languages, 1968:p. 275 (Quilme; a Diaguit dialect, now extinct; once spoken around the city of Quilmes, Catamarca)
    • notfound: Murdock, G.P. Outline of world cultures, 1983;Olson, J.S. The Indians of Central and South America, 1991;Voegelin, C.F. Classification and index of the world's languages, 1977.
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    • 2014-04-30: revised
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