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Morisyen language

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    • Creole language (Morisyen)
    • Indian Ocean Creole French language
    • Isle de France Creole language
    • Kreol language (Morisyen)
    • Kreol Morisien language
    • Kreole language (Morisyen)
    • Maurisyen language
    • Mauritian Creole language
    • Mauritian French Creole language
    • Mauritian language (Creole)
    • Mauritius Creole French language
    • Maurysen language
    • Morisien language
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Syea, A. The syntax of Mauritian Creole, 2013:p. 1 (Mauritian Creole, the French Creole spoken on the island of Mauritius. Very little exists by way of detailed descriptive or theoretical studies of this language) p. 19 (Mauritian Creole, formerly Isle de France Creole, is a French creole spoken on the island of Mauritius (formerly Isle Mauritius and Isle de France)) p. 20 (Creole is the lingua franca of the island and is spoken by almost everyone. It is also the first language of two-thirds of the population)
    • found: Ethnologue, via WWW, June 9, 2017(Morisyen; a language of Mauritius; ISO 639-3: mfe; alternate names: Kreol, Kreole, Maurisyen, Mauritian, Mauritian Creole, Mauritius Creole French, Maurysen; de facto language of national identity; dialects: Rodrigues Creole; classification: Creole, French based)
    • found: Glottolog, via WWW, June 9, 2017(Morisyen. Alternative names: Mauritian Creole; Indian Ocean Creole French; Kreol; Kreole; Mauritian; Mauritius Creole French; Maurysen; Creole (Mauritian); Kreol (Mauritian); Mauritian French Creole; classification: Isle-de-France Creole - Macro-French - Central Oil - Gallo-Rhaetian - Northwestern Shifted Romance - Shifted Western Romance - Western Romance - Italo-Western Romance - Romance)
    • found: Wikipedia, June 9, 2017:Mauritian Creole (Mauritian Creole or Morisyen (Mauritian Creole: kreol morisien) is a French-based creole language spoken in Mauritius. ISO 639-3: mfe. Glottolog: mori1278. Linguasphere: 51-AAC-cec (to 51-AAC-cee). Language family: Bourbonnais Creoles, French Creole, French, Oïl, Gallo-Romance, Western Romance, Romance. Dialects: Rodriguan Creole)
    • found: Virahsawmy, D. Flame Tree Lane = Lenpas Flanbwayan, 2012:p. viii (The novella Lenpas Flanbwayan or Flame Tree Lane, written in 2007, and published here for the first time in both Kreol Morisien and a splendid English translation by Shawkat Toorawa) p. 4 of cover (Morisien (Mauritian Creole))
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    • 2017-09-19: revised
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