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  • Here are entered works on the negative effects of large-scale tourism on local tourist destinations.
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    • found: Work cat: 2019003186: Overtourism : excesses, discontents and measures in travel and tourism, 2019:ECIP summary (The 'overtourism' phenomenon is defined as the excessive growth of visitors; leading to overcrowding and the consequential suffering of residents, due to temporary and often seasonal tourism peaks, that lead to permanent changes in lifestyles, amenities and well-being.)
    • found: Overtourism : too much of a good thing, December 22, 2018, on National Geographic www homepage(The term "overtourism"--too many tourists--has been moving from travel-industry jargon into the mainstream, propelled by such flash points as Venice, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, where exasperated locals unfurled "TOURIST GO HOME" banners in 2017.)
    • found: Responsible Tourism Partnership www homepage, January 25, 2019, in article "Taking responsibility for making tourism more sustainable"(Overtourism describes destinations where hosts or guests, locals or visitors, feel that there are too many visitors and that the quality of life in the area or the quality of the experience has deteriorated unacceptably. It is the opposite of Responsible Tourism which is about using tourism to make better places to live in and better places to visit. Often both visitors and guests experience the deterioration concurrently.)
    • found: Anger over tourists swarming vacation hot spots sparks global backlash. Dow Jones Institutional News(2018, May 22) retrieved from Proquest online, Feb. 26, 2019(Since last summer's Europe protests, the industry has made "overtourism" a focus. More than 60 tourism ministers and private-sector leaders gathered in November to discuss the issue at a summit on the topic co-organized by the U.N. Overtourism was also a theme in March at ITB Berlin, a major industry convention)
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    • G156.5.O94
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    • Here are entered works on the negative effects of large-scale tourism on local tourist destinations.
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    • 2019-01-25: new
    • 2019-05-14: revised
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