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Ethnocentrism in the social sciences

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    • found: Work cat: Cabrera, M.A. Después del etnocentrismo : historia de una crítica teórica, 2020:t.p. ([cataloger's translation] After ethnocentrism : history of a theoretical critique) p. 4 of cover (The critique of modern theoretical ethnocentrism is not only furthering the renewal of the field of studies of human difference and diversity; it moreover carries within it a reconsideration of a a good part of the theoretical and epistemological assumptions of upon which rest theoretical modernity and the so-called social sciences) p. 7-8 (This book deals with the critique of modern theoretical universalism ... a conception of the human world according to which the theoretical categories and concepts forged in Western modernity have a universal analytical validity and are an appropriate means to interpret and explain the behavior of all human beings in any time and place . ... This is the assumption which made conceivable and gave rise to the appearance of the so-called social sciences and which serves as a foundation of their practice. ... Theoretical ethnocentrism consists of the application theoretical categories and concepts specific to the modern world to the analysis of the non-modern world ....) (DLC)2020457441
    • found: Reader's guide to the social sciences, 2001, via WWW, viewed Oct. 7, 2021:under Ethnocentrism (YOUNG's historical perspective questions the way in which Western history has been written, and elucidates the myths that European knowledge-producers have created about peoples from non-European societies. Anchored in a detailed reading of Western philosophy, the author argues against Western ethnocentrism through his proposal that the concept of history is collapsing under the onslaught of postmodernism, and that the West as a conceptual entity is dissolving as a consequence)
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