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Allegheny Mountains

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    • Aligany Mountains
    • Allegany Mountains
    • Alleghany Mountains
    • Alleghenies
    • Allegheny Front
    • Allegheny Front Mountains
    • Allegheny Highlands
    • Alligani Hills
    • Monongehaly Mountains
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    • found: Quantitative silviculture for hardwood forests of the Alleghenies, 1994.
    • found: Lippincott, 1961(Allegheny Mountains or Alleghenies, part of the Allegheny Plateau of the Appalachians, extending from no. Pa. to SW Va.)
    • found: 98680012: Pneu Michelin. Mid-Atlantic, Allegheny Highlands, c1997.
    • found: Merriam-Web. geog. dict., c1997(Allegheny Mountains, also Alleghany Mountains or Alleghenies. Ranges of Appalachian system in Penn., Md., Va., and W. Va., W of and generally parallel with the Blue Ridge; varying in height from 2000 to over 4800 ft. E slope sometimes called Allegheny Front and the entire upland area from Cumberland Plateau on S to Mohawk Valley in N.Y. is known as the Allegheny Plateau)
    • found: Columbia gaz. of No. Amer., via WWW, May 2, 2003(Allegheny Mountains or Alleghenies, E U.S., a part of the Allegheny Plateau of the Appalachians, extending for more than 500 mi/805 km on E part of the plateau from N central Pa. into S W.Va. and SW Va. SW from West Branch of Susquehanna in Pa. an escarpment known in various sections as the Allegheny Front (in Pa. and again in W.Va.), Dans Mt. (in Md.), and Allegheny Mt. (in W.Va. and along W.Va.-Va. line) marks the E edge of the Alleghenies and overlooks the ridge-and-valley country of the Folded Appalachians to E; escarpment is highest (over 4,800 ft/1,463 m) in W.Va. On the W, the mt. belt merges with the rough country of the plateau region. The name Alleghenies is also often applied to much of the adjoining plateau region (W). Formerly spelled Alleghany)
    • found: GeoRef thesaurus, via WebSPIRS, May 2, 2003(Subject: Allegheny Mountains. Scope note: Ranges of the Appalachians constituting a part of the Allegheny Plateau. UF: Alleghany Mountains, Alleghenies)
    • found: GNIS, May 2, 2003(Allegheny Mountains, range, northeast-southwest trending mountain range on the Appalachian Plateau and partly in Monongahela and George Washington National Forests, extending from the West Branch Susquehanna River, in central Pennsylvania, southwestward through western Maryland and along the Virginia-West Virginia boundary to Peters Mountain 15 mi south-southwest of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia; variant names: Aligany Mountain, Allegany Mountains, Alleghany Mountains, Alleghenies, Allegheny Front, Allegheny Front Mountains Alligani Hills, Monongehaly Mountains)
    • found: GeoNames [algorithmically matched]range; 38°42ʹ00ʺN 079°31ʹ59ʺW
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    • 2011-06-04: revised
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