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Kerguelen Islands

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    • Archipel de Kerguelen
    • Archipel des Kerguelen
    • Archipel Kerguelen
    • Desolation Islands
    • Îles de Désolation
    • Îles Kerguelen
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  • Sources

    • found: Merriam Web. geog.(Kerguelen Islands, also Desolation Islands, Fr. Îles de Désolation, Fr. island group in S. Indian Ocean)
    • found: GeoNames [algorithmically matched](island; 49°15ʹ00ʺS 069°10ʹ00ʺE)
    • found: GEOnet names server, Oct. 5, 2015(Îles Kerguelen (approved); variant: Kerguelen Islands; islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, 49°15ʹ00ʺS, 069°10ʹ00ʺE (-49.25, 69.166667))
    • found: Britannica online, Oct. 5, 2015(Kerguelen Islands, archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean. Administratively a part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises), it consists of the island of Kerguelen (also known as Desolation Island) and nearly 300 islets, which together cover about 2,400 square miles (6,200 square km). Discovered in 1772 by the French navigator Yves-Joseph de Kerguélen-Trémarec and later explored by the British explorer Captain James Cook, the archipelago was often frequented by whalers and seal hunters. In 1950 a permanent base and scientific centre, Port-aux-Français, was established on the main island.)
    • found: Wikipedia, Oct. 5, 2015:Kerguelen Islands (The Kerguelen Islands (in French commonly Îles Kerguelen or Archipel de Kerguelen but officially Archipel des Kerguelen or Archipel Kerguelen), also known as the Desolation Islands, are a group of islands in the southern Indian Ocean constituting one of the two emerged parts of the mostly submerged Kerguelen Plateau. They are among the most isolated places on Earth, located 450 km (280 mi) northwest of the uninhabited Heard Island and McDonald Islands and more than 3,300 km (2,051 mi) away from the nearest populated location. The islands, along with Adélie Land, the Crozet Islands and the Amsterdam and Saint Paul Islands are part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands and are administered as a separate district.)
    • found: The encyclopedia of Earth, via WWW, Oct. 5, 2015(Iles Kerguelen (Kerguelen Islands); in the south Indian Ocean, 3,300 miles (5,310 km) from the southern tip of Africa, and part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands)
    • found: TAAF website, Oct. 5, 2015:Présentation des TAAF (l'archipel des Kerguelen) English version (The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) are an overseas territory which has been created in 1955 and which comprises the Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagos, the islands of Saint-Paul and Amsterdam, the Adélie Land on the Antarctic continent, and, since 2007, the Scattered Islands (Europa, Glorieuses, Juan de Nova, Bassas da India and Tromelin)) District de Kerguelen > L'archipel de Kerguelen (l'archipel des Kerguelen; located between 48°35ʹ and 49°54ʹ South latitude and between 68°43ʹ and 70°35ʹ East longitude; les îles Kerguelen)
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    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2016-01-25: revised
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