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    • Eucarya
    • Sandalwoods (Genus)
    • Sirium
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  • Sources

    • found: Wiersema, J.H. World economic plants, c1999(Santalum - Sandalwood - Santalaceae)
    • found: GRIN taxonomy, via WWW, Oct. 28, 2004(Genus: Santalum. Family: Santalaceae. Common name: sandalwood. Synonym: Eucarya)
    • found: Plants national database, via WWW, Oct. 28, 2004(Santalum, sandalwood. Family: Santalaceae)
    • found: A synonymized checklist of the vascular flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, via WWW, Oct. 28, 2004(Santalum ellipticum - Coastal sandalwood; Santalum freycinetianum - Forest sandalwood; Santalum haleakalae - Haleakala sandalwood; Santalum paniculatum - Mountain sandalwood; Santalum salicifolium - Willow-leaf sandalwood)
    • found: Gardener's dictionary, via National Gardening Association web site, Oct. 28, 2004(Santalum: A genus of 9 species of tropical shrubs and trees (Santalaceae))
    • found: Amer. Heritage dict. of the Engl. lang., c2000(sandalwood 1. Any of several tropical Asian trees of the genus Santalum, especially S. album. 2. Any of several tropical Asian trees of the genera Adenanthera, Myroporum [i.e. Myoporum], and Pterocarpus. 3. The wood of any of these trees)
    • found: Random House Web. unabr. dict., c1997(sandalwood 1. the fragrant heartwood of any of certain Asian trees of the genus Santalum, used for ornamental carving and burned as incense. 2. any of these trees, esp. S. album (white sandalwood). 3. any of various related or similar trees or their woods, esp. an East Indian tree, Pterocarpus santalinus (red sandalwood), of the legume family, or its heavy dark-red wood that yields a dye)
  • LC Classification

    • QK495.S18
  • Change Notes

    • 2004-10-28: new
    • 2004-12-08: revised
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