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Asiatic black bear

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  • Variants

    • Black bear, Asiatic
    • Blond moon bear
    • Golden moon bear
    • Himalayan black bear
    • Moon bear
    • Selenarctos thibetanus
    • Tibetan black bear
    • Ursus arboreus
    • Ursus clarki
    • Ursus formosanus
    • Ursus gedrosianus
    • Ursus japonicus
    • Ursus laniger
    • Ursus leuconyx
    • Ursus macneilli
    • Ursus melli
    • Ursus mupinensis
    • Ursus rexi
    • Ursus thibetanus
    • Ursus torquatus
    • Ursus ussuricus
    • Ursus wulsini
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Selenarctos thibetanus
  • Sources

    • found: Montgomery, S. Search for the golden moon bear, c2002:p. 6 (original Latin name, Selenarctos thibetanus) p. 56 (Asiatic black bear) p. 86 (Ursus thibetanus) p. 309 (blond moon bears represent a color phase never before reported)
    • found: Mammal species of the world, via WWW, Dec. 10, 2002(Ursus thibetanus. Common name: Asiatic Black Bear. Original name: Ursus thibetanus G.[Baron] Cuvier, 1823. Placed in subgenus Selenarctos by Gromov and Baranova (1981); and in subgenus Euarctos by Thenius (1979). Pocock (1932) retained in a separate genus, there is molecular support for both positions (Goldman et al., 1989). Synonyms: arboreus, clarki, formosanus, gedrosianus, japonicus, laniger, leuconyx, macneilli, melli, mupinensis, rexi, torquatus, ussuricus, wulsini)
    • found: Animal diversity Web, via WWW, Dec. 10, 2002(Ursus thibetanus, Asiatic Black Bear. Also referred to the Himalayan Black Bear or the Tibetan Black Bear)
    • found: 2002 IUCN red list of threatened species, via WWW, Dec. 10, 2002(Ursus thibetanus. Asiatic black bear, Himalayan black bear)
    • found: Bears of the world, via Craighead Environmental Research Institute WWW site, Dec. 10, 2002:Asiatic black bear (Asiatic, or Tibetan, black bear, Ursus thibetanus)
    • found: Bears of the world, via American Bear Association WWW site, Dec. 10, 2002(Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus). Nearly all Asiatic black bears have cream-colored chest blazes in a crescent shape, giving the species its other common name: moon bear.)
  • LC Classification

    • QL737.C27
  • Change Notes

    • 2002-12-10: new
    • 2003-01-24: revised
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