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Central Asian tortoise

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  • Variants

    • Afghan tortoise
    • Afghanistan tortoise
    • Agrionemys horsfieldi
    • Central Asia tortoise
    • Four-toed tortoise
    • Horsfield's tortoise
    • Russian box turtle
    • Russian tortoise
    • Steppe turtle
    • Testudo horsfieldi
    • Testudo horsfieldii
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Patho-morphological and histochemical changes in the organs of turtles on board the "Zond-5" probe, 1970:p. 1 (Steppe turtles (Testudo horsfieldi))
    • found: Ernst, C.H. Turtles of the world, c1989:p. 268 (Testudo horsfieldi, Central Asian tortoise)
    • found: Frank, N. A complete guide to scientific and common names of reptiles and amphibians of the world, c1995:p. 123 (Testudo horsfieldii, Central Asia tortoise)
    • found: Crocodilian, tuatara, and turtle species of the world, 1989:p. 100 (Testudo horsfieldi; common names: Afghan tortoise, Central Asian tortoise, Four-toed tortoise, Horsfield's tortoise, Steppe tortoise)
    • found: Zool. record, via WWW, June 27, 2005(titles: Central Asian tortoise; descriptor: Testudo horsfieldi)
    • found: Cold-blooded news, v. 28, no. 10, Oct. 2001, via WWW, June 27, 2005(in The natural history of the Central Asian tortoise; also known as Horsfield's, Russian, and Four-toed tortoise (Testudo=Agrionemys horsfieldi))
    • found: Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group WWW site, June 27, 2005(Central Asian tortoise; entered the pet trade as the Russian tortoise)
    • found: Tortoises in captivity WWW site, June 27, 2005(Testudo horsfieldi; Central Asian tortoise)
    • found: Asian Turtle Consortium WWW site, June, 27, 2005(Testudo horsfieldi; Central Asian tortoise)
    • found: Russian tortoise WWW site, June 27, 2005(Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldi); known by many names: Russian tortoise, Steppe tortoise, Afghanistan tortoise, Four-toed tortoise, Russian box turtle)
    • found: WWW site, June 27, 2005(Testudo horsfeidii; common names: Russian, Afghan, Steppe, Central Asian, Four-toed, and Horsfield's tortoise)
    • found: WWW site, June 27, 2005(Russian or Horsfield's tortoise; sci. name: Testudo horsfieldii; common names: Russian tortoise, Afghan tortoise, Steppe tortoise, Central Asian Tortoise, Four-toed tortoise, and Horsfield's tortoise)
  • LC Classification

    • QL666.C584
  • Change Notes

    • 2005-06-27: new
    • 2005-08-04: revised
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