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    • Madrasas
    • Madrasehs
    • Madrassahs
    • Madrassas
    • Medreses
    • Medressehs
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 96-156212: Golvin, L. La madrasa médiévale, c1995:p. 313 (Religious foundation comprising a school, a public fountain, a Koranic school)
    • found: Random House(madrasah; n. Islam.; a school or college esp. a school attached to a mosque where young men study theology; also madrasa)
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    • found: Encyc. Britannica online, May 8, 2018(Madrasah (Arabic: "school"), English madrassa, Turkish medrese, in Muslim countries, an institution of higher education. The madrasah functioned until the 20th century as a theological seminary and law school, with a curriculum centred on the Qurʾān. Arabic grammar and literature, mathematics, logic, and, in some cases, natural science were studied in madrasahs in addition to Islamic theology and law)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, May 8, 2018(madrassa; variants: or madrasa or less commonly madrassah or madrasah; a Muslim school, college, or university that is often part of a mosque)
    • found: unabridged, May 8, 2018(madrasah, or madrasa, madrassah: (Islam) a school or college, especially a school attached to a mosque where young men study theology)
    • found: Curl, J.S. A dictionary of architecture and landscape architecture, 2006(madrasa, madrassa, madraseh, medresseh: Islamic theological and legal place of instruction, usually with a court with iwan, accommodation, and study-cells)
    • found: The Oxford dictionary of Islam, 2003(Madrasa. Arabic madrasah. Establishment of learning where the Islamic sciences are taught; a college for higher studies. During the tenth and eleventh centuries the madrasa was devoted primarily to teaching law; the other Islamic sciences and philosophical subjects were optionally taught; madrasas (medreses); currently the term madrasa is sometimes used for establishments for elementary or secondary education, or any schools below university level for Quranic teaching)
    • notfound: Americana;Collier's;Encyc. of arch.
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    • 2020-10-08: revised
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