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Former Polish Eastern Territories

  • Here are entered works on the former territories of Poland that lie east of the Curzon Line.
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    • Eastern Provinces (Former Polish territories)
    • Eastern Territories (Former Polish territories)
    • Former Eastern Territories of Poland
    • Kresy Wschodnie (Former Polish territories)
    • Ziemie Wschodnie (Former Polish territories)
    • Ziemie Zabrane (Former Polish territories)
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  • Sources

    • found: Zabytki sztuki polskiej na dawnych Kresach Wschodnich, 1997:p. 26 (na Ziemiach Wschodnich)
    • found: Encyklopedia Polski, c1996:p. 327 ("Kresy": borderlands. For the Polish, the term "Kresy" designates Poland's lost territories. Common terms include "Kresy Wschodnie" and "Kresy Zachodnie". The name "Kresy Wschodnie" refers to land belonging at one time to Poland, but annexed by Russia as the result of three partitions. In the 19th century the territory was more often called "Ziemie Zabrane" (taken lands) or "guberni zachodnie Cesarstwa Rosyjskiego" (the western guberniyas or provinces of the Russian Empire). The expression "Kresy Wschodnie" was consolidated in the interwar period. The territory referred to encompasses land between the rivers Bug and Neman on the west as well as between the rivers Dvina and Dnieper on the east. The area does not include East Galicia or Lviv.)
    • found: Sanford, G. Historical dict. of Poland, 1994:p. 226 (After Second World War, Curzon line became Poland's new eastern frontier; Soviet annexation of its Eastern Territories)
    • found: LC database, June 15, 1998(Kresy Wschodnie; Kresy wschodnie; Ziemie Wschodnie; ziemie wschodnie)
    • found: OCLC, June 15, 1998(Kresy Wschodnie; Kresy Wschodnie II Rzeczypospolitej; po Kresash Wschodnich Polski = through the Eastern Provinces of Poland)
    • found: Bulas, K. The Kościuszko Foundation dict., c1995:v. 2 (kresy (particularly wschodnie) borderland)
    • found: WWW, July 6, 1998(usage in documents retrieved by Alta Vista search: Former Polish Eastern Territories; Former eastrn territories of Poland)
    • notfound: GEOnet;Lippincott;Web. geog.
  • General Notes

    • Here are entered works on the former territories of Poland that lie east of the Curzon Line.
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    • 1998-06-15: new
    • 2021-02-17: revised
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