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Jun-ichi Yamada collection of bluegrass recordings
Adcock, Eddie (Performer)
Adcock, Martha (Performer)
Allen, Red, 1930-1993 (Performer)
Baker, Billy (Performer)
Baker, Kenny, 1926-2011 (Performer)
Bartenstein, Fred, 1950- (Performer)
Blackwell, Curtis (Performer)
Clifton, Bill (Performer)
Collins, Randall (Performer)
Duffey, John (Performer)
Eanes, Jim (Performer)
Edwards, Billy (Banjoist) (Performer)
Emerson, Bill (Performer)
Flatt, Lester (Performer)
Gaudreau, Jimmy (Performer)
Green, Joe (Performer)
Harrell, Bill (Performer)
Keith, Bill, 1939-2015 (Performer)
Logan, Tex (Performer)
Magaha, Mack (Performer)
Martin, Benny (Performer)
Martin, Jimmy (Performer)
McCoury, Del, 1939- (Performer)
McReynolds, Jesse (Performer)
McReynolds, Jim (Performer)
Monroe, Bill, 1911-1996 (Performer)
Monroe, James, 1953- (Performer)
Moore, Charlie (Performer)
Morgan, Tom (Bassist) (Performer)
Rawlings, Bill (Vocalist) (Performer)
Reno, Ronnie (Performer)
Rice, Tony, 1951-2020 (Performer)
Richardson, Larry (Banjoist) (Performer)
Rowan, Peter, 1942- (Performer)
Sizemore, Herschel (Performer)
Skaggs, Ricky (Performer)
Smiley, Red, 1925-1972 (Performer)
Sparks, Larry (Performer)
Stanley, Ralph (Performer)
Story, Carl (Performer)
Stover, Don, 1928-1996 (Performer)
Stuart, Joe (Performer)
Tate, Fiddling "Tater" (Performer)
Trischka, Tony, 1949- (Performer)
Val, Joe, 1926-1985 (Performer)
Vernon, Bill, 1937-1996 (Performer)
Wakefield, Frank (Performer)
Waldron, Cliff (Performer)
Warren, Paul (Fiddler) (Performer)
Watson, Doc (Performer)
White, Roland (Performer)
Whitley, Keith (Performer)
Wise, Chubby (Performer)
Wiseman, Mac (Performer)
Wood, Al, 1937- (Performer)
Yamada, Jun-ichi (Collector)
Yarbrough, Rual (Performer)
Bluegrass festivals--United States (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--Virginia (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--Maryland (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--Pennsylvania (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--North Carolina (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--Indiana (LCSH)
Bluegrass festivals--Georgia (LCSH)
Bluegrass music (LCSH)
Bluegrass music--1951-1960 (LCSH)
Bluegrass music--1961-1970 (LCSH)
Bluegrass music--1971-1980 (LCSH)
Bluegrass musicians--United States (LCSH)
English sung or spoken text
Japanese accompanying material
Geographic Coverage
Collection of audio recordings made at various bluegrass festivals and performances in the United States by Jun-ichi Yamada from 1972 to 1976 in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and a few other unspecified geographic locations. The festivals include Carlton Haney's Bluegrass Festival at Watermelon Park, Berryville, Virginia; Bluegrass Music Festival in Bluegrass Park, Campsprings, North Carolina; the Newgrass Festival of 1974; the Wise County Shrine Club Bluegrass Festival; the 2nd Carter Stanley Memorial Festival, McClure, Virginia; the 7th Annual Culpeper Bluegrass and Folk Music Festival, Culpeper, Virginia; Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festival, Bean Blossom, Indiana; Old Time Family Bluegrass Festival, Callaway, Maryland; Georgia State Bluegrass Music Festival, Lavonia, Georgia; Bluegrass Bonanza Showcase, Indiansprings, Maryland; and the Indiansprings Bluegrass Festival, Hagerstown, Maryland. Instrumentals and songs are performed with banjo, dobro, double bass, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle accompaniment, among other instruments. Tape containers included partial documentation--lists of performers and titles for some tape reels. Collection also includes copies of festival flyers, one photograph, and other ephemera. A few lists and annotations are in Japanese.
capture: Date: 1958-XX-XX/1976-XX-XX
Recorded at various locations, primarily at bluegrass festivals in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia by Jun-ichi Yamada from 1972-1976. Several recordings dated 1958-1970 are dubs of recordings made by unidentified people.
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Jun-ichi Yamada collection of bluegrass recordings