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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1870-1938. Александр Иванович Куприн LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PG3467.K8
Language And Literature--Slavic. Baltic. Albanian--Russian literature--Individual authors and works, 1870-1917--Individual authors, Gorky - Per--Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1870-1938. Александр Иванович Куприн
2. Danish and Dano-Norwegian LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PT9261
Language And Literature--Swedish literature--Literary history and criticism--History of Swedish literature--General works--Danish and Dano-Norwegian ; Danish and Dano-Norwegian--Swedish--Literary history
3. Hispanic Americans LC Classification (LCC)
Topic BX8643.H57
Philosophy. Psychology. Religion--Christian denominations--Other Protestant denominations--Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--Special topics--Other, A-Z--Hispanic Americans ; Hispanic Americans--Mormons
4. Collections LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PN1997.A1
Language And Literature--Drama--Motion pictures--Plays, scenarios, etc.--Collections
5. Euripides LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PA6305.T832E82
Language And Literature--Roman literature--Individual authors--Cicero, Marcus Tullius--Fragments and lost works--Single works--Translations of Greek authors--Single authors--Euripides
6. Bogatstvo i schastʹe (Story). Богатство и счастье LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PG3453.B88B6
Language And Literature--Slavic. Baltic. Albanian--Russian literature--Individual authors and works, 1870-1917--Individual authors, Andreev, L. - Chekhov, Anton--Bulgakovskiĭ, Dmitriĭ Gavrilovich, b. 1845. Дмитрий Гаврилович Булгаковский--Separate works. By title--Bogatstvo i schastʹe (Story). Богат...
7. Relation to women. "Fiammetta" (Maria d'Aquino) LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PQ4278.A7
Language And Literature--Italian literature--Individual authors--Individual authors and works to 1400--Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375--Criticism, biography, etc.--Special.--Relation to women. "Fiammetta" (Maria d'Aquino)
8. Lipps, T. - Lotze LC Classification (LCC)
Topic B3288
Philosophy. Psychology. Religion--Philosophy (General)--Modern (1450/1600- )--By region or country--Germany. Austria (German)--By period--Later 19th and 20th centuries--Individual philosophers--Lipps, T. - Lotze
9. Diligentia quam suis rebus LC Classification (LCC)
Topic KK1585
Law--Law of Germany--Civil law. Bürgerliches Recht--Obligations. Schuldrecht--Nonperformance. Leistungsstörungen--Culpa. Verschuldenslehre--Negligence. Gross negligence. Fahrlässigkeit und grobe Fahrlässigkeit--Diligentia quam suis rebus ; Diligentia quam suis rebus
10. Modernism LC Classification (LCC)
Topic N6757.5.M63
Fine Arts--Visual arts--History--Special regions or countries--Europe--Modern--19th century--Special aspects or movements, A-Z--Modernism ; Modernism (Art)--Europe--19th century
11. Muʻāraḍāt LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PJ7542.M74
Language And Literature--Oriental philology and literature--Arabic literature--History and criticism--Special forms--Poetry--Special, A-Z--Muʻāraḍāt ; Muʻāraḍāt in literature--Arabic--Literary history--Poetry
12. Through 1600 LC Classification (LCC)
Topic MT5.5
Music and Books on Music--Instruction and study--Music theory--Through 1600
13. Alvarez, Quintero, Serafin, 1871- LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PQ6601.L8
Language And Literature--Spanish literature--Individual authors--Individual authors, 1868-1960--A - Az--Alvarez, Quintero, Serafin, 1871-
14. Phylacteries. Tefillin. תפלין LC Classification (LCC)
Topic BM657.P5
Philosophy. Psychology. Religion--Judaism--Practical Judaism--Forms of worship--Special objects and instruments, A-Z--Phylacteries. Tefillin. תפלין ; Phylacteries--Judaism ; Tefillin
15. Nonhomogeneous fluids LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QC153
Science--Physics--Descriptive and experimental mechanics--Fluids. Fluid mechanics--Fluid dynamics. Hydrodynamics--Nonhomogeneous fluids ; Nonhomogeneous fluids--Descriptive mechanics
16. Murder LC Classification (LCC)
Topic KK785.M87
Law--Law of Germany--History of law. Rechts- und Verfassungsgeschichte--By period--Period from ca. 919 to ca. 1867. Hochmittelalter, Spätmittelalter und Neuzeit--Criminal law and procedure--Individual offenses, A-Z--Murder
17. 1951-2000 LC Classification (LCC)
Topic BT97.2
Philosophy. Psychology. Religion--Doctrinal theology--Divine law. Moral government--Miracles--General works--1951-2000
18. Relationship of law to other disciplines, subjects, or phenomena LC Classification (LCC)
Topic ct94015073
Law--Americas, Latin America and the West Indies: Regions (1000 numbers)--Relationship of law to other disciplines, subjects, or phenomena
19. L LC Classification (LCC)
Topic PK2098.27
Language And Literature--Indo-Iranian philology and literature--Modern Indo-Aryan languages--Particular languages and dialects, A-Z--Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani literatures--Hindi, Hindustani literature--Individual authors or works--1961-2000--L
20. Saluan LC Classification (LCC)
Topic DS632.S34
World History And History Of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.--History of Asia--Southeast Asia--Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)--Ethnography--Individual elements in the population, A-Z--Saluan ; Saluan (Indonesian people)

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