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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Iri, Masao. Network flow, transportation, and scheduling; theory and algorithms BIBFRAME Works
Work 4070655
2. Baldwin, Robert E. Economic development and growth BIBFRAME Works
Work 2642133
3. Ogg, David, 1887-1965. Europe of the ancien régime, 1715-1783 BIBFRAME Works
Work 1696467
4. Paton, Jean M., 1908- Orphan voyage, BIBFRAME Works
Work 770150
5. Huffman, Laurie. house behind the mint BIBFRAME Works
Work 3121628
6. Greenop, Frank Sydney, Tasmania, Australia; a concise outline of the history, wealth and development of the state, with 47 photographs in colour and black and white BIBFRAME Works
Work 3712590
7. Bunting, Brian T. geography of soil BIBFRAME Works
Work 2641401
8. Swomley, John M., 1915- military establishment BIBFRAME Works
Work 1695735
9. Sutcliff, Rosemary. chief's daughter BIBFRAME Works
Work 3123884
10. Reusch, Richard. History of East Africa BIBFRAME Works
Work 277830
11. Malvern, Eng. Royal Radar Establishment. R.R.E. activities guide --technical & research services for industry BIBFRAME Works
Work 294244
12. Simmons, James, 1933- In the wilderness, and other poems BIBFRAME Works
Work 3603788
13. Brown, Louise Fargo. political activities of the Baptists and Fifth Monarchy Men in England during the interregnum BIBFRAME Works
Work 4544524
14. Ward, Alfred Dudley, 1914- Secular man in sacred mission; the story of spiritual reality and service BIBFRAME Works
Work 760861
15. Young, Oran R. Systems of political science BIBFRAME Works
Work 3120363
16. Careers Research and Advisory Centre. Psychology: a guide to first degree courses in UK universities and colleges BIBFRAME Works
Work 4069963
17. Harris, J. Edward. Portrait of a lover, BIBFRAME Works
Work 1235138
18. Buskirk, Richard Hobart, 1927- Principles of marketing; the management view BIBFRAME Works
Work 1224938
19. Brewer, Stanley H. environment of international air carriers in the development of freight markets, BIBFRAME Works
Work 4068618
20. Wisconsin. Committee on Improved Expenditure Management. Findings, conclusions, and recommended action BIBFRAME Works
Work 3596069

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