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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Musical LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AY688.M8
2. General LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AS571.A5
3. Addresses, essays, lectures. Pamphlets LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AZ777.Z5
4. Patent medicine LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AY1208.P3
5. Serial. By title or editor, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
6. Collections LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AZ620
7. Catholic almanacs. By title (except titles beginning with "Saint"), A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
8. Organization of societies, conventions, congresses, etc. LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AS666
General Works--Academies and learned societies--By region or country--Africa--Former German possessions--General--Organization of societies, conventions, congresses, etc.
9. French Guiana LC Classification (LCC)
General Works--History of scholarship and learning. The humanities--By region or country--America--Latin America--South America--French Guiana
10. Azerbaijani LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AE11.3
General Works--Encyclopedias--Encyclopedic works--Modern encyclopedias. By language--Azerbaijani
11. Local, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
12. Individual societies and institutions. By city, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
13. General works. History LC Classification (LCC)
14. Other languages, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
General Works--Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories--Annuals: Keepsakes, etc.--Other languages, A-Z
15. Household LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AY1208.H7
16. Romansch LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AC95.R82
General Works--Collections. Series. Collected works--Collections of monographs, essays, etc.--Other languages--Modern languages--European languages--Other European languages, A-Z--Romansch
17. Farmers' LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AY718.F3
18. Mexico LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AS63
General Works--Academies and learned societies--By region or country--America--Latin America--Mexico
19. States, regions, provinces, etc., A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
20. Individual authors LC Classification (LCC)
Topic AC120

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