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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. By class (Royal arms, nobility, armorial families) LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CR1335
2. General special LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CJ3087
3. Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.) LC Classification (LCC)
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Heraldry--Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.) ; Chivalry--Heraldry ; Knighthood--Heraldry ; Orders--Heraldry ; Decorations--Heraldry
4. Scots LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CS856.S36
5. Dictionaries. Directories LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CJ2355
6. By city, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
7. Commerce LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD2486.23
8. Practice of special chancelleries LC Classification (LCC)
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Diplomatics. Archives. Seals--Diplomatics--Practice of special chancelleries ; Chancelleries, Practice of
9. Heads of state. Presidents. Prime ministers LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD4075.25
10. History and description LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD1377.953
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Diplomatics. Archives. Seals--Archives--History and statistics--By region or country--Europe--East Germany--National archives--At the capital city (or the central archives)--History and description
11. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CR869
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Heraldry--Public and official heraldry--By region or country--Africa--General works
12. General albums, lists of armorial families, etc. LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CR1514
13. General local (divisions treated collectively) LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD1846
14. Periodicals. Societies. Serials. Directories LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD6011
15. Argentina LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CR3770
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Heraldry--Titles of honor, rank, precedence, etc.--By region or country--South America--Argentina
16. France LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CD24
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Diplomatics. Archives. Seals--Diplomatics--Societies--By region or country--France
17. By individual city, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
18. Medieval LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CJ2534
19. Royalty. Insignia. Regalia, crown and coronets, etc. LC Classification (LCC)
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Heraldry--Royalty. Insignia. Regalia, crown and coronets, etc. ; Royalty--Heraldry ; Insignia--Heraldry ; Regalia--Heraldry ; Crown--Heraldry ; Coronets--Heraldry
20. Catalogs and collections LC Classification (LCC)
Topic CJ1090
Auxiliary Sciences Of History--Numismatics--Coins--Ancient--Roman--By region or province--Asia--Asia (Province)--Catalogs and collections

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